The corporate culture is unique in every organization

Employers with a unique corporate culture.


The drugstore chain scores with a unique corporate culture that focuses on trusting employees. At dm, employees get enough freedom for their own design and their own decisions: Because the way that our own employees are dealt with, according to the corporate philosophy, they also deal with customers. This is one of the company's principles and contributes positively to its success.

Volkswagen AG

It is particularly important to Volkswagen AG that employees can identify with the company. For this reason, the corporate culture was not specified by top management, but created in a joint process. The employees were asked to submit suggestions. The new ideas were bundled and formed into a corporate culture: Since the end of 2018, the values ​​have shaped the corporate culture of Volkswagen AG together, courageously, close to the customer, mindful, efficient and honest.


Diversity, equal opportunities, a sense of responsibility and openness to change are values ​​that are firmly anchored in the culture of the auditing and consulting company PwC. In addition, the company launched the "Women @ PwC" initiative in order to promote committed and qualified women in particular and to facilitate the exchange with one another. The company sees another important pillar of success in working in a team and the diversity of personalities .