Why is everything I do so meaningless

How to Find Your Meaning when you feel like life is meaningless

We all have times when we feel like life is meaningless. To find meaning, you need to take the time to make conscious decisions that will work for you.

There are days when I feel like I'm the only one struggling with the feeling that life is meaningless. I have undoubtedly seen and observed things that have changed me beyond repair, but what I have finally come to terms with is that I am not the only one. Nobody can make it through this life unscathed or unscathed, that's for sure. Many people sometimes feel that life is meaningless.

Every time I go on a property sale and look around at how people read through a person's whole life and estate, does it mean something to them with such numbness think to me, is that it? When we're gone, is that all we left in our wake?

I lost my father very early in life, my husband even earlier, and had to see my daughter suffer through a genetic condition, only followed by cancer that required her to undergo nearly 40 surgeries.

I'll tell you it was many, many times that I wondered what it was all about. Is there a purpose for us to be here and why does life have to be filled with such worldliness just to suffer and then leave?

10 ways to stop thinking that life is meaningless

But besides the horrible things that has happened in my life, I have these moments that are forever imprinted on my mind. Like the times when you're sitting on the beach or having some fun, taking deep breaths, looking around and thinking ... things can't get any better.

That moment is right there What makes life worth living. Of course, they are typically followed by my kids yelling at each other and the whole thing falling apart.

If you think that life is meaningless, you may be misinterpreting what "meaning" is. Everyone you touch, you touch forever. Every memory you have, good or bad, has a meaning. And everything you do while you are here makes life meaningful. If you feel like life is meaningless, then you might just be looking in the wrong places.

This is how you stop thinking that life is meaningless.

# 1 volunteer. One of the best ways to get out of a rut, or to show you that life isn't as meaningless as you are feeling right now, is to volunteer. Seeing other people who are worse off than you can bring you back to reality and show you that there is a silver lining no matter how bad things get. Something that no more than makes someone smile can show you the true meaning of life.

# 2 Spend the day with your kids ... or with any kids . Children are like little balls of discovery. Don't you sometimes wish that you could have that imagination, that forgiveness in your heart, and that simplicity? If you want to remember what life is about, spend some time with a child.

Children see all the things that we can't do in our lives. They break everything open for us and remind us what life is actually about - not the house, the car or the bills, but the little amazement we have all around us.

# 3 Spend time in a nursing home . Who better to explain the meaning of life than those who have lived their lives and are nearing the end? If you want to stop thinking that life is meaningless, spend the day talking to someone who has nothing but memories and a full life to tell.

I can guarantee you things are not their own new BMW or their corner office. They will tell you about the times when they were young, times they spent with their family, and the little memories that hold a big place in their minds and hearts.

# 4 Call an old friend to catch up . If you start to think that life is meaningless, it is likely because you haven't found much joy in your life lately. It is very easy to get involved in everyday things in life, get distracted by social media, or stare at a computer screen.

One thing that will push you back to a time when the world was in your hands is the best friend who always brought out the best in you. Connecting with people who mean the most is what life is about.

# 5 Play hooky. One of the biggest reasons life is meaningless is because it's like Groundhog Day. They work to live and live to work. There are really better things out there than enough to get through.

If you want to find the meaning in life that you lost somewhere along the way, play hooky from work to do something you love. Or better yet, double check that you are really in the right career in life.

# 6 Say "no" to something. It's hard to find meaning in life when it's one commitment at a time, always doing something fun or something you want to do. If you want to remind yourself what life is about, stop saying yes to everyone and everything.

If you want to make yourself happy by making everyone else happy around you, this is a surefire way to lose yourself and your meaning. The only obligation you have is to you. So, stop putting everyone else in front of you and find out what makes you happy ... then do it.

# 7 Go on vacation alone . Vacation is great, but sometimes it's just another distraction that keeps us from discovering what we want in life. If you want to find meaning in life again, maybe you should spend some time with yourself.

Learning to like yourself, figuring out what you want to do, and spending valuable time making your decisions and where you want to go in the future is a great way to find meaning in life and yourself again get back on track.

# 8 Do what you always wanted to do but always give up. I can't stand the phrase life is too short, but the truth is it's too short. If you want to find meaning in life, you have to stop putting off your life and doing what you want.

Stop bringing your wants and needs into the hall and waiting for your life to begin. Only you can change things to find peace and happiness, so stop putting the things you want on track and create change today.

# 9 Use social media . It's hard to find meaning in life when nothing is real. You are the first generation to grow up with social media which I can imagine is difficult to know what real life is and what to believe.

So many millennials I know spend more time creating their fake life and happily showing people that they are on their social media page than they are living their real life. If you want to find meaning in life, you won't find it on the internet. Put down your computer and smartphone and enjoy the life you missed.

# 10 Find out what makes you happy . You may feel like life is meaningless because you haven't figured out what you want to do in life or what is going to make you feel fulfilled. Sometimes we follow a path because someone convinced us it is what we want, or we decided too young and stuck with it.

If you feel like life is meaningless then maybe you are not doing what you are told here. It might be time to review your life choices and change the ones that don't make you happy.

Sometimes it is difficult to find meaning in life. You are born, you die. That's pretty meaningless when you think about it. But where is the meaning that lies between the major events?

Stop looking for the grand blueprint behind the meaning of life and take the time to figure out what fulfills, loves, and gives purpose to you. Once you've figured out what makes you happy and feels right, the rest is balanced.

Life should be lived to the fullest. This means making conscious decisions based on your own thoughts about doing what makes you happy, rather than looking for happiness from things or people outside of you.

I hope you stopped thinking that life is meaningless. All you have to do is take the time to stop, look around and find what's missing ... and then fill in.