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AOL: How to cancel your DSL and email contract


Would you like to terminate your AOL DSL contract? In this article we explain to you how to terminate your contract and what you have to consider.

  1. Cancel old AOL DSL contracts
  2. Cancel your AOL email address
  3. Use the termination service

Anyone who previously signed a DSL contract with AOL can no longer terminate it with the American media group. The background to this is that AOL's DSL division in Germany has been sold to other companies several times.

Cancel old AOL DSL contracts

AOL's DSL division was sold to HanseNet, a Telecom Italia company, in March 2007. HanseNet became known at the time with the Alice brand. Two years later Telecom Italya sold HanseNet to the Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica, which is known in Germany under the brand O2. So if you still have an old AOL connection, you have to cancel it today at O2.

You can cancel your DSL connection from AOL at O2 by calling customer service on 089/78 79 79 43 1 at the fixed network tariff. Alternatively, you can also cancel by fax. The fax number is 01805/88 00 88 (0.14 euros / minute from the German landline network. Maximum mobile phone price: 0.42 euros / minute).

Download the letter of termination template

Of course, you can also cancel by post, here at we recommend that you send your written cancellation by registered mail. In all cases, always remember your customer and contract number and sign the termination manually.

It is best to use the termination template from Netzwelt linked above. You can then send your cancellation by post to the following address:

Telefónica O2 Germany GmbH & Co. OHG
Customer care
90345 - Nuremberg


If your DSL contract also includes an AOL email address, you should - if you wish - clarify via the O2 customer service department before terminating whether and under what circumstances you can keep it.

Cancel your AOL email address

If you use a free AOL email address regardless of a DSL contract, you can cancel it directly with AOL. Please note that if you cancel, you will also lose all of the data stored in your e-mail inbox. For example, you will no longer have access to:

  • Emails
  • contacts
  • Events
  • tasks

You can get an AOL subscription directly in your account settings under login.aol.com cancel. You can cancel there under My Services> Subscriptions> Manage.

You can cancel your e-mail address without observing a notice period if you are not using any chargeable additional services with a contract period. If that is the case, you can only cancel at the end of the contract period. Depending on the subscription, it is also conceivable that you have to cancel it separately. Please check this before canceling your email address.

We also provide assistance with termination for other providers. For example, on netzwelt you can find out how to cancel your connections at O2 Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom or Vodafone.

Use the termination service

If you don't want to cancel yourself, you can also use a cancellation service. Here you enter your customer data and have your contractual relationship terminated by the respective provider for a fee.

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