Where can fresh graduates get career advice?

Completed degree - the right way to start your professional life

The last exam has been written, the exam has been passed. Initiative is now the decisive factor in whether the start of a career is successful, because applications and job searches are now waiting for freshly graduated graduates. Should I take the chance and enjoy my freedom "once more" and travel around? When do I start applying? What opportunities did my studies offer? Are lateral entrances also possible? Or would you rather hang on to the master? Graduates inevitably ask themselves all this. There is no right or wrong here. The possibilities are many.

The classic permanent position

Many say that you can start your career straight away after graduation. Because when students leave university and the strenuous study time is over or their first work experience has already been gained, they justifiably want to be rewarded for their efforts with a promising job. On the other hand, there are the companies that expect graduates to dig deeper into practice on the theory they have learned. Only then will the "reward”Granted in the form of the desired career. This conflict of interests and, in some cases, a generational conflict is a challenge for everyone involved. While graduates of technical courses usually have no difficulty getting a place in a company, things are different with the humanities, law or business administration.

The magic word is work experience. A internship is often the key to business. Anyone who is committed here has a good chance of soon becoming a potential junior manager. A good application is just as important. The curriculum vitae should be revised thoroughly. Standardized applications that are sent in bulk to several companies have little chance of success. A good cover letter explains why you are explicitly applying to this company. Personnel managers also pay close attention to the formal correctness of an application.

Next to the Direct entry there is also the option of a Trainee program choose as a career start. In a trainee program, you will spend one to two years working in a wide variety of departments in a company, giving you targeted support and getting to know the company.

Master yes or no

You've finished your studies, your first job is waiting. Or? Many graduates fear that they will not stand a chance against applicants with a master’s degree. So continue studying after all, even if you don't feel like going to university anymore? The master’s degree is worthwhile for everyone who wants to develop their academic qualifications. But: In business, a master’s degree is not always a prerequisite for getting a job. Graduates shouldn't make the decision for or against a Masters too difficult. The degree of study becomes less and less important during the working life, as the achievement in the job gains priority. A compromise is to act as a Working student next to the master. On the one hand, you can secure and expand your standard of living with your income. On the other hand, you gain important practical experience and have the opportunity to be employed directly at the company after completing your master's degree.

Gain experience abroad

Cultural experiences as well as the mastery of foreign languages are important in working life these days. HR professionals want these points on an applicant's résumé. Anyone who did not go abroad after leaving school or during their studies should think about doing it. A wide variety of organizations offers Volunteer service in the spirit of a good cause. You yourself also gain: To immerse yourself properly in a culture means to come into contact with people. There are also options that are specific to students are aligned. In particular a Internship abroad or aStudy abroad can be easily integrated into an educational career. Are also popular for a stay abroad Language trips. Here you can find some variants that are tailored to different life situations. Work and travel is also a very popular way of getting to know other cultures.

Unemployment after graduation?

Brilliant homework, well-founded expertise, and last but not least, a very good diploma - many people think that the job should be secure. But unfortunately not for everyone. It is not uncommon for graduates to be unemployed immediately after graduating. It is often not easy to make a smooth transition from final exams to permanent employment. What to do if unemployment follows after graduation? Anyone who does not manage to find a job, become self-employed or spend time abroad immediately after graduating, will not be able to avoid government aid without the support of parents. At the same time, you also have more time to deal with applications. Job center seminars also provide assistance with applications. The cost of applications, trips to job interviews, and even moving to a job that has been found are paid for by the state.

The safest way to get this To work around the situation, is, already in time to go on a search before graduation. Very few companies only hire after graduation, too Interim certificates bring you further here. Many students these days are on their toes and already have a job while they are still working on their thesis.

Into independence

If you have a promising idea, it lies Business start-up Near. Many success stories began with self-employment. However, the probability of failure is very high, especially with startups. It is important that you approach upcoming investments with the necessary professionalism and have in-depth knowledge of your market and the field of activity.

But it doesn't have to be a company with employees what you create there. Also Freelancer or freelancer are self-employed. Such one-man businesses are becoming increasingly popular for self-realization. In many cities, “co-working spaces” are being created in which freelancers share offices in order to exchange ideas and to be among like-minded people.

Whether starting a business or freelance work: the self-employed are subject to different obligations than employees: you should inquire about this in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises. With solid preparation, self-employment can be a great prospect.

Whichever path you choose, you should always pursue it consistently.