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Foreign Language Assistantship at Carleton College (USA)

Please note: this position will exceptionally not be advertised for the academic year 2021/22.


Carleton College in Minnesota (www.carleton.edu) is looking for a student for one academic year (September 2020 - June 2021) as a Language Associate for the winter semester 2020/21. Preference is given to German and English students (teaching qualifications, bachelor's or master's degrees), but students with other philologies or senior teaching students with other subjects can also apply.


Supporting the professors of the German Department in teaching German is only one aspect of being a Language Associate. Your main task at Carleton College is to interest and motivate American students in the German culture and language. In addition, you can and should offer various activities at Carleton College (German get-together, film evenings, etc.). For this task, which is more like an animator than a lecturer, a lot of energy, vigor but also creativity is required, because sometimes such activities are initially only accepted very slowly by American students. So we are looking for a happy nature that does not allow itself to be beaten down by initial setbacks and low numbers of participants and can always come up with new, creative ideas.
Since you will be accommodated in the dormitory together with American German students, you should be available to them in your free time as a contact person for problems with the German language and develop the most friendly relationship possible with them.
You can find testimonials from former Bamberg language assistants at Carleton College in our overseas programs.

All in all, this is a full-time job and not a "normal" study abroad (workload approx. 17.5 hours per week).

Applicant profile

You should currently be in at least the 3rd semester, study linguistics and literature (preferably German and / or English) or a teaching degree.
It is particularly important to Carleton College that you have the following qualities: open-mindedness, sociability, broad interests, imagination and energy.

Scholarship benefits

In return, you will receive free room in the dormitory as well as free meals, a travel allowance and a grant of approx. US $ 4,500. In addition, you can take one course of your choice at college per trimester without incurring tuition fees.

Application process

The application for the foreign language assistant at Carleton College is made with the normal application documents for studying abroad:

Application process overseas

The difference lies in the letter of motivation:
While the "normal" application for studying abroad focuses on the planned course attendance abroad, your letter of motivation should of course explicitly refer to the activity as a language associate:

Why are you interested in the position at Carleton College? How could you get involved there? What ideas do you have for introducing American students to the German language and culture? Do you already have experience in teaching (e.g. through tutorials or tutoring)?

TOEFL / IELTS: If you are only interested in a foreign language assistant position in the USA (and otherwise only in European programs), the TOEFL / IELTS does not necessarily have to be submitted by the end of November, but can initially be replaced by the English language certificate from the language center (at least B2).
Please note, however: If you are accepted for the foreign language assistant position, the TOEFL must then be made up for in spring 2020.

However, if you also want to apply for the "normal" overseas exchange programs, for which a TOEFL / IELTS is mandatory, the test result must be available by November 29, 2019.

Submission of the application documents

Your application must go to the International Office by December 20, 2019 at the latest enter. You can either send the application by post or - we would much prefer that - hand it in personally to office 02.02b during our normal opening hours.

Kathrin Genk
International Office
Kapuzinerstr. 25 / 02.02b
96045 Bamberg

You will then probably have a Skype interview with the German professors at Carleton College in January 2020 and receive feedback on the success of your application by around the end of February 2020.