What is the best fundraising software

Software for clubs, associations and foundations in comparison - the market overview 2020

“Do you have a tip for a good fundraising database?” Our editors are often asked. That is why we are now producing the market overview "Software for clubs, associations and foundations" for the eighth time. This market overview gives you a good overview - regardless of whether you are currently looking for the right database or you want to keep yourself up to date.

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In our current market overview 2020 you will find more than 50 different software providers and system houses that provide programs for donor and member management.

It is important to us not just to place the products next to each other - they also have to be comparable. To ensure this, we have developed a standardized questionnaire together with software expert Andreas Berg. A comparison of the performance of different software products can be seen in two categories. We refrain from ranking, because as diverse as the software providers are their users and their requirements. This ranges from a small animal welfare association with a hundred members to a powerful non-profit organization with hundreds of thousands of sponsors.

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The following programs are included in this issue:


1A fundraising - Advantage Software Consulting GmbH
alphaOffice pro - alphadata GmbH
ClubDesk - reeweb AG
DONUM - DONUM grant administration
hitobito - HITOBITO AG
KID donation - COMRAMO KID GmbH
Raisenow - RaiseNow AG
sopenVerband and sopenFund - sopen GmbH
S-Verein small - Tineon AG


activeDonor - GFS Fundraising Solutions GmbH
Advanced CARE NG - one marketing connect ag
Altruja - Altruja GmbH
amber - Comconsult AG
BPA Solutions - BPA Solutions GmbH
CAS netWorks - CAS Software AG
CiviCRM - civiservice.de
cobra CRM - cobra computers brainware GmbH
Context K - ECKD KIGST GmbH
Cura Fundraising - arteria GmbH
DaVinci® donation management - Sebald Software
DONMAN - KünzlerBachmann Directmarketing AG
easyVerein - SD Software-Design GmbH
eMemberLine - Orgarevi Cloud Services GmbH
EnterBrain 2.0 - ENTERBRAIN Software AG
FundraisePlus - stehli software dataworks GmbH
Fundraising with cobra CRM - Eric Beuchel e.K. IT & organization
Fundraising Studio - DataDialog.NET DaDi EDV GmbH
Fundraising box - Wikando GmbH
funtrade - Arenae Consulting AG
GETECO conversa - GETECO GmbH
GREEN IMB - GREEN Software Group GmbH
GREEN MFplus - GREEN Software Group GmbH
GREEN Spendino - GREEN Software Group GmbH
GREEN VEWA7 - GREEN Software Group GmbH
Ifunds Engage 365 fundraising and raise-it fundraising software - ifunds germany GmbH
Linear donation management - Linear Service GmbH
Marmara-Respond - Marmara IT-Design
MICROPLAN CRM - Microplan GmbH
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for NPO & Association 360 - Ambit Schweiz AG
MyCompany - IBV Informatik AG
NPO-DiAMANT - Interprise AG for social marketing
OMfundraising - Creativ Software AG
oneFIT NGO - EC Consulting GmbH
OpenHearts - Benefit Informationssysteme AG
Optigem Win-Finanz - OPTIGEM GmbH
proFund® - SAZ Services AG
Prosperus - DIRECT MIND GmbH
Salesforce - Salesforce.org Germany GmbH
SextANT industry solution - ANT-Informatik AG
S-club large - Tineon AG
Syprof - system group integrated solutions - sis GmbH
unitop NPO Fundraising - GOB Software & Systems GmbH & Co. KG
VereinOnline.org, VerbandOnline.org - GRITH AG

The current market overview 2020 canyou can order directly from our fundraising shop.

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