What should I know about Windows 10?

10 things about Windows 10 you should know

Benjamin Schischka

Can I install Windows 10 alongside my Windows 7? What does the OS cost after the update? Does it need care - if so, how? Here we clarify the 10 most important questions about Win 10.

EnlargeWindows 10: 10 things you should know

The release of Windows 10 is imminent. Word has got around that the update from Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10 is free. We don't go into that separately. However, not all PC users know how long this offer is valid and how much Windows 10 will cost afterwards. In the following gallery we also reveal how to set up your network with Windows 10, how to repair the boot manager and of course how to keep the new Microsoft OS fit. No matter how much potential there is in Windows 10, Windows 10 also needs a small service inspection every now and then in order to run smoothly over the long term.

With Windows 10, Microsoft is pursuing a much more merciless policy in terms of market penetration. In other words: Windows 10 must be a great success at all costs - at least that's how Redmond sees it. You can tell from the free update alone. All Windows 7 and Windows 8 users should receive the new OS for free - at least within a limited period of time. And for XP users, it is rumored, Microsoft wants to have a particularly cheap offer ready to motivate them to switch to Windows 10.

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Why is Microsoft so committed to bringing Windows 10 to the market? On the one hand, the Redmond-based company wants to create the broadest possible basis for the Windows store, which will sell extra software. There will only be a lot of sales there if there are many Windows 10 users. And on the other hand, as many Windows users as possible from the old Windows world (patch day, service packs, new Windows versions every few years, etc.) should be taken into the new Windows world. In addition, the PC market is under pressure, with the iPad and smartphone troubling it.

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Microsoft recently announced the upcoming release of Windows 10 on July 29th to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. You can reserve the free update using the button in the system tray. In this video we show what is behind it. Microsoft also announced retail prices for Windows 10.

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