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Ear piercing - questions and answers

The first pierced ears? How does it work and what do you have to pay attention to? Tips and hints on frequently asked questions provide the following answers from EPM:

How does professional ear piercing work at a jeweler?
Jewelers and watch and jewelry shops use ear piercing systems in which the ear piercings are pierced with ear plugs specially developed for ear piercing. During the piercing process, not only the first plug but also the plug fasteners are attached in the optimal position. The ear is therefore not touched multiple times unnecessarily.

Modern instruments can be recognized by the fact that sterile single-use cartridges are used with the male connector and closure. They are pressed almost silently by hand and no longer triggered with a loud bang with spring pressure. With these instruments, the ear piercing process is gentle, quick and hygienic. The sterile packed earrings and clasps are not touched by the ear piercing specialist. In addition, the ear does not come into direct contact with the instrument.

What times of the year are popular for ear piercing?
You can have your ears pierced all year round, and this service is also in demand all year round. However, it is particularly popular with consumers during the holiday season. According to EPM, the International Association of Ear Piercing Specialists, the number of inquiries from consumers about specialist shops that offer ear piercing is
• during the summer holidays 90%
• during the Easter holidays 65% and
• during the Christmas holidays 55%
above the monthly average of inquiries outside the holiday periods.

On the one hand, parents often have more time to spend with their children during the holidayshe will help care of the new pierced ears. On the other hand, they then have to worry less about sports or swimming lessons. When the children go to school after the holidays, the pierced ears are largely healed.

There is no good explanation for the popular superstition that winter is not a good time to have ears pierced. In fact, it is at best more comfortable when the earlobes are colder when the ears are pierced in winter. You should only be careful with hats, scarves and turtlenecks, but this always applies when wearing jewelry (especially with longer earrings) and has nothing to do with ear piercing itself. In any case, there is no increased risk of inflammation in winter.

From what age is ear piercing allowed for children?
There is no minimum age for ear piercing in children. The decision for ear piercing is at the discretion of the parents or legal guardians. However, they should give a written declaration of consent for underage children. In the case of children under 16 years of age, parents or legal guardians should also be present during the ear piercing.

What age recommendations are there?
From a medical point of view, age does not play a role in ear piercing. According to the German Professional Association of Ear, Nose and Throat Doctors:
“From a medical point of view, it doesn't matter whether someone has an ear pierced as a child or later. The earlobe is equally suitable for this at any age, explains Michael Deeg from the professional association of ENT doctors in Freiburg. The pain sensation in children is no greater than in adults: The stinging is often only perceived as spades, according to the specialist. "
Source:, October 16, 2012

The International Association of Ear Piercing Specialists (EPM) also refers to the decision-making authority of parents:

“As an association, we don't patronize parents when it comes to choosing the best age for their child's ear piercing, but rather rely on their decision-making authority. In many cultures, earrings are common for children or babies. In various countries, paediatricians recommend at least to wait until the child has received the most important vaccinations (e.g. diphtheria, tetanus) before ear piercing. We even advise parents to wait until their child wants their own earrings. When parents wear earrings themselves, children often want them at an early age. Ultimately, however, only the parents can determine the best time for their child themselves. "

So for specialty shops, you can set a minimum age for your business if you wish.

What should you watch out for when showering, bathing and washing your hair?
In general, the following applies: Between cleaning with the ear piercing care product, the ears should come into contact with moisture as little as possible. Contact with hairspray, shampoo, soap or the like with the freshly pierced ear holes should be avoided. After showering or bathing, the ear should be rinsed with clear water and then treated with the care product.

Can you go swimming with a new ear pierced?
It is advisable to avoid swimming if possible during the healing phase (6 weeks for the earlobe, 12 weeks for ear holes in the cartilage area). After all, the freshly made ear hole is initially a wound that should be kept as free of germs as possible. Public swimming pools are often contaminated with germs, especially bacteria. And pools that come with Chlorine cleaned are questionable because the chlorine and its by-products can dry out and irritate the skin. A bacterial load cannot be ruled out in bathing lakes or in the sea. If you still go swimming and the ear comes into contact with water, it is advisable to treat the ear hole with the care product immediately afterwards. You can also use waterproof patches that are removed after swimming.

Do I have to take out the earrings when doing sports?
In some schools, sports clubs or other institutions there are regulations for wearing jewelry. It may be that earrings are generally not allowed there during sport or that they have to be taped off. You can find out more about this before the ear piercing. In order to prevent the new ear holes from growing closed again, the first earrings should not be removed during the healing phase. If this is not possible due to the respective regulations, it is advisable to plan the ear piercing for the holiday season.

Can pierced ears grow closed again?
Freshly pierced or not yet healed ears would grow closed again if you would take out the stud earrings. Therefore, you should wear the first studs in the earlobe for at least 6 weeks or in the cartilage area even at least 12 weeks without interruption. Overall, it takes about 5 months (earlobes) or 12 months (cartilage area) for the ear holes to heal completely.

However, once the ear holes have healed completely, they will not grow closed again. A skin forms all around the inside of the puncture canal. Sometimes the impression of growth is created because a plug of sebum forms inside if you have not worn earrings for a while.

Which follow-up earrings are recommended?
Even after the first 6 or 12 weeks, you should wear ear studs or earrings with a pen-shaped inner part during the further healing phase (5 - 12 months), not earrings. The connector pin should be made of an antiallergic material such as titanium, real gold, surgical steel or sterling silver.

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