Why is Trump silent about h1b

The slogan that Donald Trump borrowed for his presidential campaign comes from Ronald Reagan. "Make America great again" was on many posters in 1980 and at that time met the feeling of many unsettled US citizens. Today, conservative white men in particular find that America is no longer as great as it once was and as they think it should be. They ensure that the billionaire continues to lead the polls of the Republican candidates despite many scandals.

It is above all Trump's pointed, provocative, insulting slogans that get him media attention. In mid-June he had already said derogatory about Mexican immigrants in the USA: "They bring drugs, crimes, rapists." The almost six-page long "immigration reform" that he presented earlier this week is also full of escalation, allegations and false numbers. But it promises nothing less than "to make America great again".

To this end, Trump is planning a megalomaniac project: As announced several times, he wants to build a wall on the southern border with Mexico. The 69-year-old wants to finance the multi-billion project (he does not give exact numbers) with a variety of measures. One argument goes that if fewer illegals enter, the US welfare state does not have to spend as much.

Wrong numbers, no details

Elsewhere, Trump is more specific: "Illegal immigrants sent 22 billion US dollars back to Mexico in 2013 alone." The Republican wants to have this money "confiscated" in order to have the border wall built. But the reality does not match Trump's plans, as many US media calculate: The sum of 22 billion US dollars comes from all Mexicans - including those who have a residence permit or are citizens.

Experts go loud Politico assume that about every second Mexican resides legally in the US - which is why the sum of 22 billion dollars would have to be halved. And since you can earn significantly more with legal work, the amount of transfers from illegal work is likely to decrease further. Trump is silent on exactly how the "confiscation" should take place. This is possibly because it would either require enormous resources (financed by tax money) or more bureaucracy - both of which US Conservatives despise.

The immigration reform paper clearly reveals that Trump's application for the White House is primarily an ego trip. If Trump has employed consultants or political experts: They probably did not participate in the preparation of the five and a half pages. The thesis paper looks more like a speech that has been given some bold text and divided into halfway logical sections of meaning (here a suggestion by Hillary Clinton for comparison).

Other presidential candidates follow suit

Even conservative organizations like the American Action Forum do not consider Trump's proposals to be feasible. According to the AAF, it would take 20 years and cost anywhere from $ 420 billion to $ 619 billion to detain and evacuate all 11 million non-resident immigrants in the US. This would not only pose huge tasks for authorities and the police - it will also damage the US economy, which in many areas (agriculture, gastronomy and various services) depends on the undocumented workers are instructed. And, according to Gallup, only 31 percent of all Republicans welcome such a move.

However, the low standard and inconsistency of Trump's proposals did not prevent other Republican presidential candidates from speaking to him. Scott Walker, ultra-conservative governor from Wisconsin, can suddenly imagine building a wall to Mexico. Walker, who last lost in the polls, supports another Trump idea: the children of illegal immigrants born in the United States have been granted citizenship since 1898. Trump wants to change that. Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum argue similarly - both are far behind in the polls.

What makes the grassroots happy deter other voters

The fact that the 69-year-old billionaire wants to make it more difficult for US companies to hire highly qualified specialists from abroad is likely to annoy many lobbyists and company representatives - they have been campaigning for years to increase the number of so-called H1B visas. However, the Republican party strategists are likely to please Trump's proposals even less. Because it is not the old white men who can win elections in the USA - they admire Trump because he will clean up what they think is corrupt Washington.

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