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Date 13. - 14.11.2021 Saturday - Sunday 10.00 am - 5.45 pm Location Studio 1 Oudenarder Str. 16, 13347 Berlin Description The workshop is aimed at those who want to give their acting a new direction: more depth, more authenticity and through strengthened personality a more visionary, true spectacle. Because the moment cannot arise from planning security. It is not about the solution, but about the way. In this profession we have one thing above all else: a role model function! It is part of this truth to first understand yourself as deeply and well as possible. Accepting yourself. Conscious presence in order to be at the service of the feelings and actions of our characters. Understanding that we are service providers gives acting a whole new backbone. When we players know who we are, we can truly embody others without our own fears, insecurities or desires for recognition getting in the way. The basis is therefore the strengthening of your own sensitivity, ability to perceive and the acceptance of this power. Our own attitude, our own gait and the willingness to be transparent determine the quality in which we arrive and are ready to work in the first place. It's a question of being. The willingness to rub yourself down to the bone, if necessary, is by no means the willingness to really show yourself. Truth in Acting (TiA) - THE HEDGE METHOD - takes every player ...

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