I have a good training plan

What does a good training plan look like?

There are many free workouts and training plans to imitate on the Internet. But what does a good training plan actually look like? What does it have to contain and observe? We'll tell you.

What is a training plan important for?

We could say for that Beginner is every workoutbetter than at all no training, but that would only be that half truth. Because especially beginners should own theirs Training levelaccording towork out, around Injuries to avoid.

But if you are a beginner exercise moderately, the statement is true anyway. In the first Weeks and Months Beginners can too successes without a fixed plan to celebrate. That's because your bodyat first very quickly on the adjusts to new loads.

As soon as you realize that more There are no successes is it time for a solid Training plan. This will help you structure to bring into your training, to improve and Plateaus to overcome.

Common mistakes in training plans

When you become a member of a Gym you often get one impersonal training plan. Mostly it is just a briefing on the various devices and a training recommendation, how often you should do which exercise.

There is missing often a concrete one Target with appropriate Intermediate stations and individual exercises. The planning of your training units is also usually up to you.

No wonder there are many Customers in the gym simply left alone feel and fail to achieve their goal in the long term.

This is what a good training plan looks like

A good trainer doesn't just look at yours when creating your training plan aim “Lose weight” or “gain weight”, but defines it even more precisely and does it with it measurable. He goes to yours as well Problem areas and Weak points and makes sure to design the training plan in such a way that it is timed fits into your day.

Regardless of whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, train in addition to a certain sport or build muscle after an injury, it is usually yours too Goal "stronger" to become. That must be not necessarily something massive Muscle growth have to do.

For big muscles you have to, for example train differentlythan for yours Strength endurance. Especially Women therefore need each other at all no worries to doby exercising with weights large mountains of muscles to to get.

Of course, we cannot replace working with a personal trainer. But we can give you one Deliver planwho is also without a trainer to your Adapts to needs. We therefore have the same 2 guides who wrote you 12 weeks long accompany.

The muscle guide

Our Muscle Guide is perfect for getting into 12 weeks more Build muscle. For the best success we offer you Weekly changing workouts, suitable for muscle building Recipes and a manual to the exact Goal settingso you can finish motivatedstay.

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The shape guide

Our Shape Guide will help you in the next 12 weeks not only while losing weight, but also making sure that you do the right thing get in shape. The intense ones HIIT workouts do not take longer than, including warm-up and cool-down 30 minutes and are therefore also for you suitableif only you little time has.

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  • A good training plan is tailored to your goal.
  • He gives you structure and helps you to improve further.
  • A training plan should contain more than just a brief introduction.
  • Your training plan has to fit your everyday life.
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