What are examples of air accidents

Aircraft Accident Investigation Manual

From the reviews:

"... 'Handbook of Aircraft Accident Investigation' now shows in a very good way what else you have to consider when coping with an accident in addition to providing care for the injured. Although purely related to aircraft accidents, the author's interesting descriptions convey a lot that applies to every type of accident small and, above all, major loss events are valid ... Anyone who works in a blue light organization and is even a little interested in aviation has a book at hand that ... offers a wealth of information ... "(Learning from aviation accidents, in: star of life, 2006, Issue 1, p. 10)


"After every aircraft accident, a well-prepared plan is run to care for the victims and to determine the causes. This handbook is one of the standard works on the subject. The two experienced authors list the most important aspects of this work in a sober, more scientific form A ... clear guide through a complicated subject. " (Accident research, in: Flug Revue, 2008, Issue 1, p. 106)


"... Particularly interesting for the fire services ... the chapter on cooperation. ... the observations made by the emergency services during their work are important for the employees. This is described in just as much detail as the process of working together as smoothly as possible it also on the subject of self-protection on the parts of the accident as well as emergency and safety devices on large aircraft. " (in: Feuerwehr Magazin, 2007, Issue 11, p. 41)