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"Kaffe" is also used as a single loan word in Finnish, as Naali has already stated. Sometimes people say "Mennään kaffelle" ("Let's go have a coffee") and "kaffe" is pronounced very similarly in Finnish to "kaffe" in Finnish-Swedish. I think that the word "kaffepaussi" could only have been denied indirectly from the German, ie it might be possible that the Swedes would have rejected this word first from the German, after which the Finns could have rejected the Swedish variant in turn from the Swedish . The finnish form "paussi" is grammatically derived directly from "paus". The ending "-ssi" is only possible if the original word ends with an "s". If the original word had been "pause" with an "e", the Finnish variant would have to be either "pauseni" or "pausi" with an "s".

Somehow it also seems a bit strange to me that one would reject such an everyday word as "coffee break" from German. Most of the time everyday (or banal) terms are only leaned out of a foreign language through everyday influence "on the lowest level", and in bilingual areas of Finland such an influence is great in both directions between Finnish-speaking Finns and Finland-Swedes. The few loan words in Finnish that come from German, on the other hand, are mostly related to society or politics and are also often denied via Swedish, e.g. "Mayor" -> "borgmästare" (Swedish) -> "pormestari" (Finnish).

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