How was your experience with AirBnB

My experiences with Airbnb - with home sharing around the world.

Comfort also plays an important role when traveling. And if you're tired of staying in noisy hostels or expensive hotels and would rather have your own four walls again, then you should try Airbnb. My experiences with Airbnb have been consistently positive. And believe me, it's a lot of fun to travel the world with Home Sharing!

There are several ways to find accommodation when traveling. In addition to the typical backpacker hostels, there are also hotels, motels or campsites to be mentioned. But how would you like to live with the locals? In your own room in a shared apartment or even in your own apartment? Sounds cool right?

Airbnb has just that for you!

According to Airbnb, you can currently find around two million accommodations in over 191 countries - there should be something for you, right?

I had my first Airbnb experience in 2013 when I was on a city trip to London with my husband. The hotels were too expensive for us and we didn't want to go to a hostel. As weird as it was in the beginning to get into a private apartment, it was just as awesome!

  1. What is Airbnb anyway?
  2. My experience with Airbnb: 18 accommodations in 7 countries.
    1. England
    2. Ireland
    3. Germany
    4. Spain
    5. Portugal
    6. Vietnam
    7. Austria
    8. Other countries
  3. Why you should try Airbnb too.
    1. Your own four walls / your own room
    2. Contact with locals
    3. Kind of a little home
  4. How to find a cool Airbnb apartment.
    1. The site
    2. The host (s)
    3. The reviews
    4. Equipment

What is Airbnb anyway?

Airbnb has been around since 2008 and is a platform that literally brings landlords and tenants together on a short and long-term basis. In contrast to Couchsurfing, where you can stay for free, with Airbnb you pay per night.

The basic idea behind Airbnb was that if you have a free room, you can offer someone who is looking for a place to stay at a reasonable price. Payment is made by credit card and is processed via the platform, which of course retains a service fee for the brokerage. The advantage: You and your landlord don't have to worry about the money. The payment to the landlord will only be made once your stay has been confirmed.

After your stay with someone, you (and the landlord too) have to submit a brief assessment, which then appears in your profile as well as in the landlord's profile and can be viewed by others. So you can get a good picture of potential tenants in advance!

To ensure that your stay with your host via Airbnb is as pleasant as possible, there are tips for hosts on what they should consider as well as hospitality standards that the hosts should / must adhere to.

In addition to private trips, there is also the option of booking business trips via Airbnb. In this way you can, for example, select when looking for a place to stay that the accommodation is "Business Travel Ready". This means that, among other things, you have good, reliable Wi-Fi and a workplace in the accommodation.

You can not only browse through accommodations, but also through the Online magazine immerse yourself in other worlds and experiences. Or are you still looking for extraordinary sights, hidden restaurants or beautiful parks? Then that is Airbnb travel guide something for you - tips and useful information can be found here directly from the locals.

My experience with Airbnb: 18 accommodations in 7 countries.


As mentioned briefly above, my husband and I had our first Airbnb experience in April 2013 when we were touring London and its sights.

    Since the hotels were too expensive for us, we simply tried Airbnb, which we had heard a lot about before. So we rummaged and came across a nice little room a bit outside of the city center. We inquired and booked. Wow it was that easy!

    It got a bit strange when the hostess told us that she would not be home when we arrived. But she would stick the key under the mailbox for us and we should feel at home. I have to admit, I thought so very unusual And somehow I didn't feel quite comfortable going into someone else's apartment without the hostess, looking around and serving me with water in the kitchen.

    It was even more unusual that we didn't get to know our hostess until the next day because we had come home late. But getting to know each other then dispelled all doubts! We got on wonderfully and even went to a bar together in the evenings, drinking cider and chatting.

    Time flew by and ours first Airbnb experience was amazing - We definitely wanted to repeat that!


    During our road trip through Ireland, we booked almost all of our nights in the land of sheep and Guinness beer through Airbnb. Overall we have in six accommodations with private individuals spent the night.

    If there was talk of the hosts not being at home when we arrive, that was no longer an issue for us. The important thing is that you are open to new ideas and respect the home of the person you are staying with.

    Our six hosts were simply gigantic throughout!


      On our city trip to Hamburg we stayed with an artist couple. That was a great experience too. We had a cute little room in an old building and the apartment was decorated with different artistic elements.

      In Berlin we stayed with a couple who are originally from France and Lebanon. We talked in English and talked a lot about the customs in the different countries. That was really entertaining and informative!


      Barcelona was another city break where we stayed via Airbnb. Our room was ultra-simple, but clean. We generally don't need more. As in most of our accommodations, we shared the bathroom with the host.

      The cool thing here was that we stayed with a German emigrant. Of course she had a lot to tell and was able to give us great tips!


      In Portugal, more precisely in Porto, I was with a couple of girls, where we meet super nice little house rented for a couple of days.

      We had our own kitchen, living room, beautiful bathroom, two bedrooms and - the highlight of the house - a small, secluded sun terrace, where we had an extensive breakfast every day!


      Our Airbnb experiences in Vietnam are also all positive! We had booked a total of six different rooms here, too, where we always felt comfortable.

      The highlight here was definitely that Contact with the Vietnamese landlords. It was really exciting to get an insight into everyday life in families and to see how they live. And above all: in case of doubt, you have a trustworthy contact person on hand if the scooter rental company wants to riot or you have a scooter breakdown somewhere in the vicinity.

      My recommendation: definitely try Airbnb in Vietnam!


        We are relatively centrally located in Vienna. A very bright room greeted us in an old building. Here, too, our host was very nice and helpful and we felt very comfortable.

        Other countries

        Next up are Airbnb accommodations in Cape Town, South Africa, and New Zealand and my husband and I are really looking forward to our time there!

        Have you tasted blood and really want to try Airbnb? Then I have something for you here!

        Why you should try Airbnb too.

        Your own four walls / your own room

        Tired of hostels or impersonal hotels? Then off with you to a cute Airbnb accommodation! It doesn't matter whether you rent "just" a room or an entire accommodation. Because in your "own" realm, travel life looks completely different again. You even look forward to a day with bad weather when you can stay at home.

        Contact with locals

        If you have found accommodation in a private room in an apartment, then you have direct contact with the locals and their everyday life there. Of course, nothing speaks against it, if you still prefer to stay to yourself, but if the opportunity arises, you should definitely use this bonus to be able to exchange ideas with your hosts (no matter what)!

        Some are real chat bags and we have sat together with our host more than once in the evening, drank beer, talked and laughed. In other accommodations we hardly saw the landlord or we were just not quite on the same wavelength and only exchanged a few sentences between the door and the hinge.

        Either way - just be open to whatever comes up. The nice thing about it is that people are often as different as their homes. You'd be surprised what similarities are sometimes evident!

        Who knows, maybe a new friendship will emerge from it ?!

        Kind of a little home

        Almost nothing feels better than in the world, away from friends and family, to have a kind of little home in which you feel comfortable. Regardless of whether it is the comfortably furnished room in an apartment or the small apartment that only belongs to you - the hippest hostel or the hippest hotel just can't keep up with that.

        In my eyes, Airbnb embodies just that: a kind of small, own home.

        How to find a cool Airbnb apartment.

        The site

        Find out in advance which residential areas are suitable. A normal Google search usually helps and you will quickly find what you are looking for in terms of travel tips.

        Which parts of the city are considered the safest? How far do you have from there to the city or to the next bus / subway station? How far is it to the university or to the co-working space? And so on ...

        The host (s)

        Read through the profile of your potential hosts to find out who they are, what they do for a living, what is important to them.

        The reviews

        At the same time, you should also look at the ratings. What do others say about the hosts? How was the feeling of living / how was it?

        As a rule, you can rely on these reviews and you should get a good, comprehensive insight into the apartment or room and your possible hosts.


        Also read carefully what the apartment has to offer. Is there WiFi available? If so, how stable / fast is it? Is there a desk to work in? Can the kitchen be used? Do you offer breakfast? Is there a parking space available? ...

        If you put all these things in relation to each other, you will notice relatively quickly whether you like the location, the apartment, the room or the hosts. And over time, you get more and more proficient at figuring out these very things. The only challenge is then to make the decision which cozy accommodation to move into!

        Do you have any doubts or questions about Airbnb? How was your first Airbnb experience?

        Never stayed with Airbnb before? Then it's time!

        For your registration via this link I am giving you a free gift 30 € Airbnb credit for your very first night! As a small thank you, I also get a small bonus back from Airbnb. For this reason I already say sag already now THANKS to you! So if your ears should ring soon, then I'm probably sitting in some room and bumping into you * cheers *

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