Can meditation reduce anger

Meditate against anger

Meditate against anger: If you are prone to anger, anger, cholera, then meditation is very helpful. Meditating helps calm down. In Ayurveda it is said that the tendency to anger and anger indicates an excess of Pitta. Meditation is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to reduce Pitta. Meditation is very effective against tantrums, the tendency to anger and irritability.

Meditate against anger

Meditation can help against anger. Meditation can help if you are choleric. There are different aspects to this. I would like to comment on three aspects.

Meditation in itself is good for anger. There are special meditation techniques that are particularly good against anger. Ayurveda could also refer to anger as the Pitta principle. So there are mediations from Ayurveda to reduce Pitta and thus reduce anger.

Suppose you are someone who tends to be choleric, angry, or you are in a phase right now where you are almost bursting with anger. Meditating is good at this and helps you come down. You could say fear, anger and depression are all aspects of the stress response. When people face danger, they can react in three ways: escape, fight, and pretend to be dead.

Fleeing is associated with fear. Fighting is associated with anger and death with depression. Some are more prone to fear under stress, while others are prone to anger and anger. Some are prone to depression and with others one thing comes along, sometimes the other, or one goes over into the other.

If you want to meditate against anger, it means lowering your stress level, triggering the relaxation response. This works very well with meditation. When you meditate, your brain, your nervous system and your psyche switch. In meditation you come down and then the anger stops by itself or becomes less strong.

Maybe the anger has a reason and you were acted off badly or you don't want to reduce your anger so much. But “whoever screams” is wrong, it says in German. When you are angry, you can rarely do anything effectively. It is all the more important that you learn not to be so angry. It is all the more important that you dampen your anger a little in [1] and that you have the strength to fight the reason for the anger with serenity, skill and commitment or to stand up for a good cause.

Mantra meditation

Mantra meditation helps you to go inside and helps fill your mind with positivity. Mantra meditation helps you to come to a higher level of consciousness, to come to a higher vibration.

The anger is there in a certain vibration of the mind. When you have lifted the mind to another area with mantra, then the anger is gone too. So the mantra meditation is very effective against anger. You may want to combine it with deep abdominal breathing. I recommend exhaling twice as long as inhaling to convert anger and anger into positive power.

There is also a Sanskrit breath exercise called Murccha. This is linked to the fact that you breathe out twice as long as you breathe in. Repeat a mantra and then you will feel how you become calm again and gain strength.

Mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness meditation is also known as the observation meditation Sakshi Bhava, in Buddhist "Vipassana". Mindfulness meditation means that you observe what is happening. For example, you can observe the breath, the movement of the breath in the nasal passages. When inhaling, the nasal passages are cool, while exhaling the nasal passages are warm. Then you watch the thoughts that come and you watch them, you don't identify with them.

You watch the feelings that come and how they go. If you succeed in observing the breath in meditation, observing thoughts, feelings and failing to identify with them, then this will also help you not to identify with the anger. If you do not identify with the anger, it will automatically weaken, and it will even pass.

Video: Meditating Against Anger

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Short lecture by Sukadev on the subject of anger. Perhaps this video is of particular interest to you if you are also interested in meditating.

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