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Oh, please, Liz, I was there first. Vampires are nothing more than a disgusting perversion of mine. I am not killing, immortal, a medium. I need human blood to function. But don't you ever call me a vampire again.


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  • Truly immortal beings turned through the immortality spell with advanced psychic abilities.
Vampire Diaries

immortal, also Immortal beings called, are a kind of supernatural beings who are truly immortal and cannot be killed with a weapon. The term "immortal" is used to describe the species into which Silas and Amara, the very first immortal beings in history, were transformed when they consumed the elixir of immortality created by the witch Qetsiyah.

Immortals can be viewed as templates for the original vampires and, in turn, all vampires. However, immortals are different from vampires in many ways, and vice versa. The biggest difference is that they are still alive and not undead like vampires who have to die after ingesting vampire blood in order for their bodies to be magically resuscitated. Nor do they have superhuman physical powers on the same level as vampires; However, they have far more psychic abilities than vampires.

History [edit | Edit source]

Ancient history Edit source]

Over 2,000 years ago in ancient Greece, a young and powerful wizard named Silas wanted immortality, the ability to live forever without ever aging or dying. Silas was engaged to be married to another powerful witch named Qetsiyah. Silas told her that he wanted to be with her forever and never wanted to be separated from her, not even through death. Silas asked her to help him create the elixir of immortality, also known as the immortality spell. Qetsiyah created the elixir of immortality and planned to consume it during the wedding ceremony (with Silas). Unfortunately, Qetsiyah quickly realized that the elixir was already consumed when all the plants around the altar began to wither and die. She discovered that Silas did not intend to use immortality to spend eternity with her, but rather shared it with another woman who Silas was really in love with: Qetsiyah's servant Amara. Qetsiyah immediately became enraged with jealousy and wanted instant revenge. Hence, she created a cure for immortality before carrying out her plan of vengeance. She confronted and apologized for Amara first before drying her up and making it look like she killed her in an attempt to convince Silas to take the cure and spend the rest of her mortal life together. After Silas had angrily refused this offer, she lured Silas to a remote island, made him fall out like his lover and buried him in a magically protected tomb along with the remedy deep underground. Qetsiyah then created the Other Side, a levitation or purgatory, intended for the souls of dead supernatural beings, who tied them to the now immortal and parched Amara and used them as a physical anchor between the living and the dead. Qetsiyah's main goal was that Silas was forced to take the cure in order to avoid an eternity of dehydration, to die a fatal death (i.e., to become a sorcerer again) and then to die before speaking for Qetsiyah on the Other Side eternity is reunited and therefore never allows Silas to reunite with Amara in the hereafter. However, Silas knew that this was the intention of Qetsiyah, and therefore he opposed the healing for over two thousand years, hoping that one day he would be set free to destroy the Other Side, take the cure and then reunite with Amara to die in the peaceful afterlife for eternity despite his vengeful ex-fiancée.

Heritage [edit | Edit source]

Since the dehydration of Silas and the desiccation of Amara, it has been known that the immortality spell was repeated twice. Once in the creation of the so-called original vampire, and then a second time in the reprocessing of Alaric Saltzman as an extended original vampire. Both times, imperfect variants of immortals were created that had weaknesses that could lead to their downfall, since nature had felt everything on earth was weak and already had to make the creation of immortals die by creating doppelgangers. Original vampires could be killed by the white oak stake, and Alaric died because his life force was tied to Elena Gilberts. Original vampires could turn people into vampires with their blood, but they would not be as strong and would not be as immune to the wrath of nature as the original vampires - they could be killed by far more methods than original vampires.

The release of Silas [edit | Edit source]

In order to receive the cure that was in Silas' petrified hands, Bonnie Bennett explained that they would have to wake him up to get the cure from his hands. Katherine Pierce later used Jeremy Gilbert to feed Silas enough to wake him up, which eventually prompted him to dry Jeremy off before grabbing his neck. After his feeding, Silas broke out of his cave. Silas could now initialize his ultimate plan to complete the Expression Triangle and use Bonnie to permanently lower the veil to separate the Other Side from the living world so that all dead supernatural creatures could return to their bodies. Once the veil fell, Silas could safely take the cure and die so that he could go to the afterlife and be reunited with his true love, Amara, whom he still believed to be dead. Because he was about to commit suicide, Silas was not interested in the chaos and destruction inflicted on the earth by the return to earth of resurrected supernatural beings who were brought back to life. After Bonnie died and Elena thrust the cure down Katherine's neck, Silas' plan to take the cure itself was ruined. Then he roamed the earth planning his revenge

The end of the immortals Edit source]

After Silas realized that the cure stayed in the blood of the person who took it for the rest of their life, Silas fed on Katherine to heal herself with her blood and became a mortal wizard like he had before Drinking the elixir of immortality was. He later discovered that Qetsiyah had deceived him about Amara's death two thousand years ago. Instead of killing them as Qetsiyah had suggested, she actually dried them up and tied the Other Side to their immortal life to make sure Silas broke out too. He would never have the heart to destroy his true love in his tomb. Silas found her and woke her with the blood of a traveler he had killed, but Amara went almost insane after acting as an anchor on the Other Side, feeling the deaths of supernaturals for two millennia. Amara stung Silas and drank his blood and used the remedy in his veins to make himself mortal too. Silas, wishing they both would die to go to the afterlife together, tried to kill Amara by punching herself in the throat, but Stefan interrupted her and instead killed Silas to punish Silas' torture against him. After Silas was killed, Amara took the same knife that Stefan threw at Silas to kill him and stabbed himself in the stomach, causing Amara to die. Fortunately for Qetsiyah, the witch was able to transfer the status of Anchor to the Other Side to Bonnie, which meant that while Amara could move around as a human to find eternal peace in the afterlife, Silas was trapped on the Other Side, just like Qetsiyah intended it. Qetsiyah killed himself shortly thereafter, leaving Silas trapped forever. In 2012, Silas tried to revive himself with the Traveler Resurrection Charm to make sure his spirit would not be lost if the Other Side inevitably collapsed from the magical purification spell, but before he could be brought back he was forgotten. It was almost impossible to bring him back and officially end the truly immortal species.

Nature [edit | Edit source]

Immortals appear to have a physical form that is completely identical to that of a human, and they have no shape other than their human aspects than their vampiric cousins, who have a "true face" that causes the sclera of their eyes and blood vessels, that surround them swell and darken with blood.

Immortals like vampires need blood to live and maintain their supernatural abilities. However, unlike vampires, they don't have fangs. When Silas needed to drink, he cut his victims with a knife (mainly on the wrists) so that they could feed on them. Amara had to slit Silas' throat with a large shard of glass so that she could drink the medicine from his blood.

Powers and abilities Edit source]

Immortals have supernatural physical and psychological abilities. Although they are the first vampiric life forms, their physical abilities, e.g. their strength and speed, etc., are pale compared to vampires born from Esther's ritual and do not increase over time. However, their psychic powers are far superior and the strongest seen so far. They have grown stronger with human blood and have sharpened them over time simply through intense practice.

  • Immortality: Immortals have an infinite lifespan and are therefore immune to aging, all known illnesses and diseases, and death in traditional ways. In contrast to all other known semi-immortal beings such as vampires and primordial vampires, immortals are truly and unconditionally immortal and cannot be killed by any means.
  • Advanced healing factor: Immortals can regenerate from any damage their bodies suffer as a result of their unconditional immortality. Their bones snap back into place after the fracture, and they have fully recovered from gunshots, stab wounds, neck wounds, and splitting of the trunk.
  • Advanced immunity: Immortals have a caliber of immortality that grants them immunity from all weaknesses. They are immune to wooden weapons, sunlight, verbena, werewolf bites, decapitation, heart extraction, or fire, and can go unhindered into a house without first being invited by the owner. Their bodies are completely indestructible.
  • Psychic powers: Immortals have various advanced psychic abilities that they can develop in order to influence any species such as humans, witches, original vampires, vampires, werewolves and hybrids even at great distances. In fact, immortals are the only known species whose abilities are strong enough to incapacitate or force ancient vampires. Immortals can even influence several goals with their psychological abilities after intensive exercise and consumption of extraordinary amounts of blood. Silas was once able to control a whole bunch of thoughtful people and then make them forget about them. This ability seems to increase with age, practice, and significant blood consumption. Only supernatural hunters of the Brotherhood of Five and those beings possessed by Travelers who use passenger spells are immune to these abilities.

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