How early should you start your Christmas shopping?

Save money and time by shopping early

I'll say the C word. It is a word that brings joy and repulsion at the same time. Here goes.


Like it or not, it's almost here. Some people abandon festive shopping until the week before or even the day before Christmas, but in an extensive study, scientists concluded that these people are clinically insane. Honest.

Let the Christmas shopping begin ???

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Much of the hostility towards the holiday season is down to expense. After all, there is no point in literally or figuratively paying Christmas for next year. Fortunately, this can be easily fixed. 5 Easy Ways To Have A Frugal Christmas And Not To Be Called A Scrooge 5 Easy Ways To Have A Frugal Christmas And Not To Be Called A Scrooge Should you give your wallet a break this Christmas? Being frugal can mean taking responsibility for spending and investing wisely. If you're looking to save money this holiday season, here are some tips. Read More

Write down everything you buy

I just bought a nice new Christmas book. It's a bright red Toy story Moleskine and it's beautiful 5 ways to turn up your Moleskine notebook 5 ways to turn up your Moleskine notebook Over the years, the Moleskine notebook has become a trademark for anyone who tries creatively. In fact, the Moleskine is almost as iconic as the Apple laptop, hipster glasses and the daily… Read more.

I've had a Christmas book since I was 11 years old and I've got a lot of benefits from it. At the front, I have a list of people I need to buy myself for - family, friends, co-workers - and I leave a gap between each name. I write down everyone's gifts and accept them when I wrap them up. At the back I make a more extensive list of people to whom Christmas cards should be sent.

This way I keep track of what I've already bought and the number of gaps shows me my progress. Aside from a notepad with reminders, I can also roughly see how much I've spent on people in the past and factor that into the festivities to come. That makes budgeting for the next year easier. Create a personal budget in Excel in 4 easy steps. Create a personal budget in 4 easy steps. Do you have so much debt that it will take decades to pay off? It's time to budget and use a few Excel tricks to help you settle your debt faster. Also read more.

It's a far cry from rocket science, but it's worth it. In December, you may have forgotten what you picked up in October. Amid a panicked mess of shipping dates 6 apps to track time-related events and activities [iPhone] 6 apps to track time-related events and activities [iPhone] I love iPhone apps that solve small problems that can often be worrying if not addressed How often did you need to know when the warranty on a product you bought or when ...... Read More This notebook is an oasis of organization. 8 time-saving organization tips for your Christmas this year Save 8 times organization tips for your Christmas this year It's the best time of the year - and the most stressful! If Christmas gets too busy, there are a few things you can do to ease your worries. Read More

The concern, however, is that you will lose the book. If you'd rather stay digital, you can take similar notes on a private blog. How to Use a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog for Project Management. Use a self-hosted WordPress blog for project management. Learn more, or even a localized or cloud-based notebook app 7 Ways To Keep A Personal Journal 7 Ways To Keep A Personal Journal Journaling is an exercise for the mind and has several proven benefits, but it can also seem tricky. This is primarily due to the overwhelming feeling that ... Read More

Ignore or budget for Black Friday

Black Friday is a relatively new phenomenon: the time to treat others has turned into a buying frenzy for those who want to buy something just for themselves. Come on: how many of us do other people buy TVs, laptops or smartphones for Christmas ?! Family maybe, but rarely friends!

You have two main options for dealing with Black Friday. The first is to ignore it completely. If you've done most of your vacation shopping early on, there's little point (other than you) are shop yourself). It is not that difficult to stop visiting the brick and mortar store for 24 hours, but it is more difficult to face discounts from Amazon and companies.

If that's so "scorched earth" browse to your heart's content ... but on a tight budget. Put your Christmas notepad in front of you so you know who else you need gifts for and write down how much you would like to spend on them. Do not cross this line.

Don't get caught up in the adrenaline rush of bargains: it's bad for your wallet and it's bad for your safety. 7 Scams For Black Friday And Cyber ​​Monday 7 Scams For Black Friday And Cyber ​​Monday While When shopping for deals this Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, scammers are looking for YOU. How to shop online safely Read more.

Buy non-perishable foods in November

Christmas shopping isn't just about gifts. 15 Key Terms Every Online Shopper Should Know 15 Key Terms Every Online Shopper Should Know The world of online shopping is moving so fast that it can be difficult to keep up with the terminology. Here are a handful of terms that we believe everyone should know for their best! Continue reading . You also need to consider the indulgences of the day: eating and drinking.

That is why the malls are busy on December 24th: people forget that the shops are usually only closed for a day and believe that they need to buy enough groceries for a month. It's a pointless exercise. Sure, pick up milk, bread, and other perishable items a few days before the main event, but no one has to rush for cleaning supplies, drinks, or snacks on Christmas Eve.

Christmas is now seeping into all parts of life.

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Buy non-perishable goods as early as possible. Discounts on celebratory favorites usually start in October, but when Halloween isn't in the way, a different gear is put into action. Be on the lookout as the bargains for items will be rolled out in November.

Just make sure you check the expiration dates!

If you don't want to hit the normal stores that early, you can try Amazon Pantry. Is Amazon Prime Pantry Worth It? 5 Things You Need To Know Is Amazon Prime Pantry Worth It? 5 Things You Need to Know With Prime Pantry, you can buy pantry items and groceries directly from Amazon. But is that a good deal? Does it save you money? Read More 10 Super Amazon Prime Benefits You May Have Overlooked 10 Super Amazon Prime Benefits You May Have Overlooked Free two-day shipping is just the beginning. Here are some notable Amazon Prime benefits that you may have forgotten or never realized. Continue reading .

Practice basic saving techniques

While we dig at Amazon How To Get The Best Discount Deals On Amazon How To Get The Best Discount Deals On Amazon There are many great deals on Amazon, but you need to know how to find them. Here are some tips and tools that can help. Read More

It's November 1st and Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas" is # 146 on iTunes.
If that's not legendary, idk what is.

- Khalil (@ kbyrd2) November 1, 2016

Everyone Automatically Goes To Amazon 10 Super Ways To Save When Shopping On Amazon 10 Super Ways To Save When Shopping On Amazon There are many ways you can save some dollars shopping on Amazon that you may not know about. Read More Even so, you won't lose anything by looking for alternatives. Sometimes you need to look at the third party sellers and it's worth it - as long as you know your rights and their return policy. If you go directly to the dealer on eBay, e.g. B. 10 Tips To Buy Like A Boss On eBay 10 Tips To Buy Like A Boss On eBay These 10 eBay Tips Will Help You Optimize Your Search And Bidding To Save A Lot Of Money On The Items You Are Looking For. Read More

Whenever I buy from Amazon I always check CamelCamelCamel to see what is tracking the cost of items or low. You could be missing out if you didn't sniff products at the right time, but you could save a ton of money buying at the right time. Take LEGO, for example. 6 ways Lego can organize your tech 6 ways Lego can organize your tech In 1932 a small toy company in Billund, Denmark launched a range of plastic bricks that could be joined together to form structures and shapes. It was called Lego. Read more: Your advent calendars are always something special, but from November they are either sold out or have too much money.

So buy them in September. Or earlier, if the price is right!

Before you buy anything, no matter where, look for savings codes #Cheap: 12 Ways To Find Social Media To Find Great Shopping Deals #Cheap: 12 Ways To Use Social Media To Find Great Shopping Deals Save Money Without Your leave preferred social networks. Is that possible? Read More On rare occasions, online stores (including Apple) offer discounts for leaving items in your shopping cart but not checking out. They think you have second thoughts, and the offer of money will propel you into a sale.

Set alerts for sales

If you don't want frequent visits to price tracking websites, alerts are available for Amazon and others.

On Amazon, you should check out OnlinePriceAlert. You will receive an email if a specific product reaches a target price within 30 days. Since its inception in 2008, the service has saved customers over $ 1,000,000. You can use this in conjunction with CamelCamelCamel to set a reasonable target value.

last night it was an hour in november and i was playing christmas music.

- jillian (@jcimorelli) November 1, 2016

It's pretty easy to find bargains on other sites too. First, subscribe to the websites' newsletters: you will always inform regular customers when a sale is imminent. For example, Zavvi sends emails most days either with savings or steelbook releases.

You can also use Google Alerts to find great deals and coupon codes. There is a real art in perfecting these warnings. How to save time and money when shopping with Google Alerts. How to save time and money when shopping with Google Alerts. As well as saving money, Google Alerts can help you get notified of new product listings, product reviews or big promos and sales. Read More Don't forget to check your email regularly!

Start on Boxing Day

I'm serious! Obviously, this won't help you if you want to finish your shopping in November. However, in December of next year you will be happy to know that you are shopping earlier.

The January sale will begin as soon as stores reopen after Christmas. So use them not only for yourself, but also for others. Look for unusual things so that the recipient will be less likely to pick up the same item in the following months. Try to do business that you know don't travel often or deviate from their normal routes.

Obviously, you shouldn't have New Year's Eve sorted before Christmas, but far too many people refuse to buy because of a perceived stigma. Picking up items in January, July or September is perfectly acceptable. Indeed, the thought required to purchase an ideal product is preferable to rushing to work in December.

If you forget someone's birthday or anniversary until just before the event, you have some catching up to do in terms of gifts!

Check out what else you got from last year

We did it: You collect countless Christmas cards. Design your own Christmas cards with these 6 websites. Design your own Christmas cards with these 6 websites. Why not design your own cards for a personal touch? We'll show you how. Read More

Before you buy cards or wrapping paper, it's a good idea to pick out any boxes that are likely to have supplies. This is especially important when you remember that you had sales in January. If you fly by in December, get a big discount on festive items. So go to the stores, buy as much as you can, and keep them in a special box that is clearly labeled "CHRISTMAS."

One of the biggest savings to be had is going to be on Christmas Crackers, which is a British tradition. From Boxing Day onwards, the price will gradually drop so you can either use it during the New Year or have it ready for the next Christmas dose of Christmas. You get high quality crackers at a fraction of the original price. Just make sure they don't contain any food!

Make Christmas happy?

Getting Christmas shopping out of the way ahead of time may seem strange being used to leaving it up to the last minute, but it can save you a lot of stress and money.

After all, Christmas is not about gifts. Once everything is done, you can enjoy the festivities with loved ones.

Do you have any other tips for saving on Christmas shopping? Are you getting yours in july? Or do you leave it until Christmas Eve? Let us know in the comments!

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