Do you promise

Translation of "versprichst du" in English

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will you promise do you promise


WA: What are your motivations, what do you promise to you?
WA: What are your motivations? What are you hoping for?
So Bernadette, if I express an interest in your baby, do you promise me then that I don't have to touch it?
So Bernadette, if I express interest in your baby will you promise not to make me touch it?
When i find him do you promiseto be by my side?
If we give up and I come back to you do you promisenot to kill this man?
When we're over there do you promise me what.
And if she doesn't want to do you promise their upkeep.
If she makes a foot, tell her we'll provide for her.
First do you promise me that you don't get mad.
Now do you promise me that you will never disappoint me again.
The do you promise me for years. Even before we knew about the woman.
What exactly do you promise you actually from this?
always do you promise what and then you don't hold it.
Either do you promise me that or you stay here.
You have to promise me that, or I won't let you go.
Then do you promise me never to speak to him again.
And what do you promise you of all of this?
What do you promise you like it?
Why do you want to do this suddenly?
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