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Medicines - vegan or not vegan?

Memories of the DAB 6

The number of drugs obtained from animals and animal material was still relatively low in the 1950s, at the time of DAB 6 [3]. Among the pharmaceutical auxiliaries and raw materials, wool wax (wool fat, Adeps Lanae), beeswax (Cera flava and Cera alba), lard (Adeps suillus), whale rat (Cetaceum) and gelatine (white glue, Gelatina alba) should be mentioned . Medicinal preparations were iron albuminate solution (Liquor Ferri albuminati), tannalbine (Tannalbin E.W.), cerates (Cerata) and medicinal soaps (Sapones medicati).

Tannin contains the tannin obtained from gall apples and is still used successfully today to stop diarrhea. It is a doubly animal product because the tannin is created by the eggs of the common oak gall wasp (Cynips quercusfolii) produced on the underside of oak leaves, and the albumin is of animal origin. The protein component it contains increases the tolerance of the preparation, so it is only an auxiliary substance, which also applies to the iron albuminate solution.

Real active ingredients are described in the monographs Dried Thyroid (Glandulae Thyreoideae siccatae), Cod Liver Oil (Oleum Jecoris Aselli), Pepsin (Pepsinum) and Spanish Flies (Cantharides), the latter of which are obsolete due to their side effects.

The DAB 6 contained the following serum: diphtheria serum, meningococcal serum, tetanus serum, swine rot serum and poultry cholera serum as well as the tuberculins old tuberculin (tuberculin Koch), albumose-free tuberculin and pearlescence tuberculin (Bovo tuberculin). Although not described in DAB 6, the medicinal leech has been used therapeutically for centuries and already listed in the Pharmacopoea Germanica of 1872 (Hirudo medicinalis), which one could call a living application system.

Since the 1990s, sterile maggots (fly larvae) have been used again to remove necrotic tissue that does not heal well. Also worth mentioning is psoriasis therapy with the help of small nibble fish, which are also used for cosmetic foot care.