How do you learn alchemy

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I can now become an apprentice where I want to have decided to become a dragon slayer, now I can't have all the skills, my forging and chemical stuff, it depends on who I'm going to be an apprentice to, right?

And where can I learn how to pickpockets.

How should I design my dragon slayer Strength the most important thing, magic ned, but skill and one-handed two-handed weapons please give me tips lol12.09.2003, 17:21#2dark-river
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1. You become a DJ after a mercenary
2. You will learn to forge at Bennet
3. Alchemy also teaches you Sagitta and Ignaz. Not just the bird under the bridge: D
4. in the thieves' guild
5. is correct
6. you have to know for yourself (1H are faster, but weak; 2H are powerful, but slower)

EDIT: the best STR 110 damage 100 weapon is a 2H.12.09.2003, 17:22#3Sir Iwein
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It doesn't matter where you become an apprentice, it has nothing to do with the guild. Alchemy e.g. if you should learn one way or another, there is nothing better than potions to permanently increase strength, dexterity, mana and HP.
You can also become an apprentice at Bosper or Harad, where there is more gold, for example, and alchemy can also be learned elsewhere.

You can only learn pickpocketing in G2 (without AddOn) in the thieves' guild at Cassia.

So, of course, a lot of strength, 100% one-handed or two-handed (the choice is yours, both have advantages and disadvantages) and preferably also skill and a ranged weapon on the side.
And as I said, you should use alchemy to increase your attributes.12.09.2003, 17:25#4edora777
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So, you can learn alchemy later too. believe forge too.
You learn pickpocketing at the thieves' guild at the chick (I forgot the name). however it costs something. I can't think of it, but I could learn somewhere else ...

You can learn strength from different teachers. in khorinis the militia has a blacksmith (I think) standing by the stove in the militia bedroom in the evening.12.09.2003, 18:23#5Rob
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With the peaceful way to the thieves' guild, it doesn't even cost you anything to learn how to pickpockets at cassia12.09.2003, 19:32#6Voronwe
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You are sure to totally confuse him with your add-on ... HERE THE NORMAL GOTHIC 2 FORUM !!!
Dragon hunter:
1H or 2H to 100%
Thickness at least 130
A second weapon does not have to be, but you can (e.g. bow)

You can learn blacksmithing at, Harad (apprentice), Bennet or Jan
Pickpocketing, Cassia (Thieves Guild)
Alchemy, Ignaz (after his quest, Constantino (must belong to a guild), Saggita (after her quest)
Eviscerate animals would be too many to list
Sneak, Jesper (thieves' guild), Bartok
Lockpicking, Thorben, Ramirez (thieves' guild)12.09.2003, 19:45#7bloodfire
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have edited out the "add-on things".
Constantino (Must belong to a guild)
is not true. either be an apprentice or be able to brew any (any) drink.
In addition, all of this is in the tips and trick thread at the top of the forum.
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