Can you use LaTeX in Quip

Data access and export for Quip

My customer would like to export a list of his contacts at Quip.You should first review the exported data before sharing it with your customer. This way, you can ensure that you are not releasing any data that is not intended for this customer.My client wants to see a full record of her activity on Quip.Request a record of the customer's activity from Quip customer support.Determine if the material you are sharing contains sensitive content, third-party content, or other users' personal information. You may want to edit this first.My customer wants to export a copy of a spreadsheet or document.
  • Use the Export command in the Document and Spreadsheet menus.
  • Cut out the spreadsheet or document in Quip and paste it into another application.
  • Print content using the Print command on the Document and Spreadsheet menus.
  • Export the content using the Quip Automation API with a personal access token.

When your customers use the Export command, they can then save the content in these formats.

  • PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • HTML
  • Markdown
  • Latex
My customer wants a copy of the information in her user profile.Visit the business portal to look up your customer's data. Then copy and paste the data in a format that you can share with your client.You should first check the data before you release it to your customer. This is a great way to make sure you're not sharing data that wasn't intended for you.