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Robb Stark

You insult yourselves regicide. You have been defeated by a boy, you are being held captive by a boy, and you may also be killed by a boy.

Robb Stark


The young wolf
The king who lost the north

Cause of death:

First hit by several crossbow bolts and then stabbed by Roose Bolton
Robb Stark is a main character in the first, second, and third seasons of game of Thrones. He is played by Richard Madden and appears for the first time in the episode "Winter Is Coming".

Robb Stark is the eldest son of Lord Eddard Stark and his wife Catelyn Stark. After his father is imprisoned, Robb goes to war and is named King of the North by the Lords of the North. To cross the Trident he makes a pact with the Freys, which is why he should marry a Frey after the war. He breaks this promise and instead marries Talisa Maegyr. He is then murdered on Roose Bolton's twins at the Red Wedding.

In the series


Robb is the eldest son of the late Eddard Starks and his wife Catelyn. He has two younger brothers named Bran and Rickon and two sisters named Sansa and Arya. He's also close to his cousin (whom he thought was his half-brother) Jon Schnee and a ward of his father's named Theon Greyjoy, both of whom he counts as his best friends outside of the Stark house. He also has an uncle named Benjen who is on the night watch. He was taught from childhood by Winterfell's armorer how to use armor, shield and sword, and is a most gifted fighter for his age. He has a direwolf named Graywind.

season 1

Robb is present when his father executes a Night Watch deserter named Will. On the way back to Winterfell he finds direwolf pups along with Theon, Jon and Bran. Lord Eddard Stark allows them to keep the puppies. Robb receives one of them and calls it Gray Wind. He is amazed that the direwolves have been found, as they are not normally found south of the wall.

Robb, along with the rest of his family, welcomes King Robert Baratheon to Winterfell. After his sister Arya annoys Sansa by throwing food at her, Robb is ordered to take her to her quarters. From the start, Robb shows his dislike for Joffrey, whom he describes as a "royal asshole". He's also clearly annoyed by Sansa's obvious admiration for Joffrey. [2]

Robb and Maester Luwin have to look after the castle because his father is in King's Landing and his mother has not left his side since the fall of Bran. When Lady Catelyn and Ser Rodrik Cassel leave for King's Landing to inform Eddard Stark of the attempted assassination attempt by the Lannisters, Robb is given command of Winterfell.[3] Since Robb thinks that Tyrion was behind the assassination, he is rather hostile towards him. However, Robb is astonished when he presented Bran with a special saddle with which he can ride despite his injury.[4]

While Bran tests his new saddle, Robb and Theon discuss future plans. Suddenly they realize that Bran has disappeared. A group of wildlings take him hostage. Robb manages to knock down some wildlings with his sword, but Stiv, one of the wildlings, manages to threaten Bran with a knife on the neck, which is why Robb has to drop his sword. Theon then kills Stiv with an arrow, which annoys Robb because he could have hit Bran. They capture the last surviving wildling, Osha.[5] Osha says that the great threat north of the wall comes from the White Walkers and not from the Lannisters from the south, but Robb ignores this warning.[6]

After the death of King Robert and the capture of Eddard in King's Landing, King Joffrey calls on Robb to perform allegiance. However, Robb calls to the banners and marches to war with the vassals of House Stark. Grossjon Umber questions Robb and wants to withdraw his army because, in his opinion, Robb is too young and has no experience. Robb replies that when the Stark Army returns, they will take the lands of House Umber. Angry, Großjon draws his sword, but the other lords of the north are intimidated when Graywind attacks Großjon and bites off two fingers. Grossjon himself has to laugh about that and becomes one of Robb's most loyal men.

Robb's army marches south and encounters Lady Catelyn and Ser Rodrik. Robb wins the loyalty of Lord Walder Frey, who hands over his army to him if he marries one of his daughters. He assigns a small group of soldiers to divert the Lannister troops, which leads to the Battle of the Green Arm. Meanwhile, Robb's army attacked Jaime Lannister and his entourage near Schnellwasser. After the battle in Whisper Forest, he takes Jaime prisoner.[6] Robb is very sad when he hears the news of his father's death. He and the other Lords discuss whether to support either Stannis Baratheon or Renly Baratheon's claim to the Iron Throne. Großjon makes it clear that he does not want to support either of them, as neither knows the north and then names Robb king of the north. The other lords of the north and the riverside answer the call. Theon swears allegiance to him and assures him that they will be brothers forever.[7]

season 2

Robb continues to win many battles against the Lannisters. He deserves the name "The Young Wolf". He continues to keep Jaime Lannister prisoner in his camp and has him monitored. Robb sends some men to find more allies. He sends Theon Greyjoy to Peik to negotiate with his father Balon Greyjoy. Robb also assigns his mother to form an alliance with King Renly Baratheon in the Stormlands. Robb deliberately makes uncomfortable demands on Queen Regent Cersei Lannister in order to waste her time.[8] As expected, these demands are rejected.[9]

Robb gains a crushing victory against the Lannisters during the Battle of Ochsenfurt. After the battle, he met the healer Talisa Maegyr on the battlefield.[10] Renly was killed right after the alliance was accepted, which is why Catelyn returns to Robb's camp. Renly's men swore allegiance to Stannis Baratheon.[11] After Catelyn's return, she warns Robb not to do anything with Talisa because he has sworn an oath to the Freys.

The King of the North and his entourage were shocked when news of Theon's betrayal and attack on Winterfell reached the camp. Angry, Robb allows Roose Bolton's bastard to retake the castle. He makes it clear that the safety of the two Stark children, Bran and Rickon, is a top priority. He also claims Theon alive because he wants to execute him personally.[12] Robb gains another victory in the Battle of the Yellow Arm.

His cells are overflowing with prisoners. After Ser Alton Lannister returns and the delivery of the rejection of Cersei Lannister's demands, he is put in a cell with Jaime Lannister. Talisa asks for help as she needs more medical supplies. Robb then invites you to accompany him to negotiate the surrender of Bruch Castle. Then she can replenish her supplies in the castle. During Robb's absence, Jaime escapes after killing Alton and Torrhen Karstark. However, Jaime was recaptured. Rickard Karstark demands justice and vengeance for his dead son.[13]

Brienne von Tarth, who has sworn an oath to Lady Catelyn, receives an order from Catelyn to exchange Jaime Lannister for her two daughters. However, this happens without Robb's consent.[14] Angry about his mother's betrayal, Robb orders that Catelyn be guarded. He sends men out to find Jaime and orders Roose's bastard to show mercy on the iron men if they turn Theon over.

Talisa tries to calm Robb down and also tells him more about her past. He confesses to her that he does not want to marry Walder Frey's daughter. Talisa agrees with him and doesn't want to either. The two then sleep together. Robb confesses to his mother that he is in love with Talisa. However, Catelyn points out that he has sworn an oath and that it must not be broken. Robb, however, ignores this and marries Talisa in a secret ceremony.[15]

season 3

Robb marches with his army to Harrenhal. However, the castle is abandoned and all captured Northmen were killed. Robb and his new wife find only one survivor: a maester named Qyburn. Catelyn continues to be kept in the castle under supervision.[16] Robb receives two letters, one because of the death of his grandfather, host Tully, and one because of the sacking of Winterfell, as well as the alleged death of his brothers Bran and Rickon.

Before Robb travels to Schnellwasser, he informs his mother of the news.[17] On the trip to Schnellwasser, Robb asks his vassal Roose Bolton if he still believes he could win the war. Roose believes Robb lost the war since he married Talisa. After hoster Tully's funeral, Robb, Brynden "Schwarzfisch" Tully and Edmure Tully meet in Schnellwasser's room. The War of the Five Kings does not go well for them as the Lannisters defeated their opponents from the south and protected King's Landing. They also formed an alliance with House Tyrell through the marriage of King Joffrey and Queen Margaery Tyrell. With the support of the Tyrells, they gain a strong position in the war. Edmure boasts of the Tully Army's victory in the Battle of the Stone Mill, which was under his command. This drove Ser Gregor Clegane from the Riverlands. However, Robb and Brynden are angry with Edmure for trying to lure Tywin and Gregor's armies to the Westlands, as they would be more vulnerable there. Edmure's job was to pretend to defend himself and send the Lannister troops back across the Red Arm at the Trident. By winning the Battle of the Stone Mill, he kept them in the river lands, which enabled Tywin to help defend King's Landing in the Battle of Blackwater. The Starks' strategic position in the war was ruined. Edmure claims to have taken precious hostages, Willem and Martyn Lannister, but Robb angrily makes it clear that he didn't stop fighting just because his sisters were captured. In addition, he has already captured Tywin's eldest son, which does not stop Tywin from continuing the war. Edmure also states that he "only" lost 200 men and that several Lannister soldiers died for one of the Tully men, but Robb interrupts him and says that he needs his troops more than Tywin needs his. The Lannisters currently have a very good strategic position in the war, so they can allow themselves to wait and see Robb's troops slowly getting smaller and smaller.[18]

Martyn and Willem Lannister are woken up by loud screams outside their cell. Rickard Karstark fights his way to the room with some men. The two Lannister boys are then murdered. The two bodies are shown to Robb in the conference room. He is appalled and mentions that it took Karstark five men to brutally murder two innocent squires in their own cells. Rickard Karstark says it is revenge for his two sons. Robb explains to him that the two boys had nothing to do with the murder of his sons, as one was killed in the war and one was killed by Jaime Lannister. Rickard accuses Catelyn of denying revenge when she released Jaime Lannister. When he had had enough of it, he killed the two boys. Robb yells at Rickard because they were just two innocent boys and he couldn't blame Catelyn for his betrayal. Rickard says that the only betrayal was to let your opponent go, since there was war and you kill your enemies in war, if his father ever taught him to. Brynden Tully beats Karstark for this comment, but Robb Brynden rejects, as he should leave Karstark alone. Rickard openly mocks the king of the north as the king who lost the north and claims the war is lost. Robb orders the men to hang Rickard Karstark's accomplices. The scout should be hanged last so that he can watch the others die. Rickard Karstark comes to the dungeon.