Why did Hitler keep his mustache

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“User feedback” as a trigger: Amazon spontaneously changed its recently redesigned smartphone shopping app icon again.

It was only at the end of January that Amazon changed the icon of its shopping app. Instead of the previous shopping cart with the word logo, a symbol should now be established that arouses associations with the parcel packaging used by Amazon. You can see a cardboard box with the sender's characteristic arrow and a blue adhesive tape applied with a standard dispenser.

The Nazi comparison screwed up Amazon's intention

Mockery quickly became loud on social media and online media as well. For many, the resemblance to Adolf Hitler was so evident that the British Sun even ran the headline: “YOU CAN'T NAZI IT!” This is a phonetic corruption of “You can't not see it” see. ”The statement is intended to make it clear that anyone who has once seen the corresponding association can never see anything else in it again.

The new icon was only rolled out on iOS devices in the UK, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. Since the end of February, Amazon has been rolling out the new logo across all platforms worldwide - and is providing another surprise: the e-commerce giant has recently adapted its logo again without further notice. The symbolization of the parcel tape has remained, but now less jagged and with the best will no longer to be misunderstood as a beard. Instead, it now looks like you've stuck a Post-it on the package and then bent it off at one corner.

The mild skeuomorphism of the jagged parcel tape was in any case closer to the reality of the parcel optics than the current unclear symbolism. In fact, Amazon had imagined that customers would first see the characteristic package on their smartphone and then on their doorstep. The new icon was designed "to arouse anticipation, excitement and joy when customers start their shopping trip on their phone, just as they do when they see our parcels on their doorstep." But if in the end, Nazi associations Instead of looking forward to it, the company has not gained much.

That will have been the considerations of the Amazon marketers when the decision was made to "defuse" the logo. It should come as no surprise if Amazon were to introduce a completely different logo in a relatively short time. Because the current version is neither half nor whole in terms of design.

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