What is combination prevention in HIV

A vaccine against HIV.

The human immunodeficiency virus is now the most dangerous and deadly to him. Doctors and scientists around the world are concerned about creating a cure for this disease. And if there is a vaccine against HIV and AIDS, it could save tens of millions of lives. However, at this work is underway, and in the long term, this drug may be invented. A very different question: when will it happen?

Projections for the future

Not long ago, a biomedical center of St. Petersburg was working on the creation of this drug, the development of various options. Professor of the center, who is the leader of the entire work process, he said that in the future vaccine against HIV may run out after about five or six years. In terms of the center's development, the first phase of their drug testing began four years ago - in the fall of 2010. These experiments were found to be successful! However, the second phase only began this summer, this year alone managed to get all the necessary permits and facilities.

Clinical studies

for what they do and how they go? In fact everything is clear. After this step is to find out exactly how this vaccine affects the human body. Research is under tight control, only subjects get an experimental vaccine. Before testing The drug in humans was tested on animals - this phase showed immunogenicity and safety. And, of course, state testing revealed one hundred percent evidence that this drug can be included in clinical trials.

first stage

It should be remembered how the first stage was. It was attended by people who did not have immunodeficiency virus. There were 21 people, among them women and men. They were divided into three groups, each with a certain dose of the drug ( 0.25, 0.5 and 1 mg). As a result of the tests, the vaccine was found to be completely safe from a health point of view. This was the main purpose of the first phase. A few conclusions were also drawn. First, we found out that they are drug users infected with only a small part of the virus. Second, some people who have come into regular close contact with those who have the immunodeficiency virus, do not get sick. The bodies of these people supposedly blocked the disease. Here the scientists made several assumptions - they made the earlier Virus, which is similar to HIV meet and thus developed an immunity to the disease itself immune system. Finally the third - were able to prove that the HIV was trapped in the blood Ground can be grounded even on the first day of infection. And if you are just starting to get infected with special drugs, the disease will be avoided.

second stage

The next stage will involve 60 volunteers, all infected but the virus subtype. Strictly speaking, it is the fight against the disease is aimed at HIV vaccine, developed by the medical center. Again, the participants were divided into three groups the first two to be administered the active ingredient of 0.25 mg and 0.5 mg, but the third to apply a placebo effect. This is the saline vaccine. Who will be in a group - is not known. But the conditions are very tough. End HIV vaccine trials is scheduled for the end of next 2015 year, at the same time, and the results will be announced.

Properties drugs

develop vaccines against HIV belongs to a group of five on a scale of risk. In a word - it is perfectly safe and non-toxic. This drug is not an infectious agent, are used in vials, as the usual way eliminated. And the fact that the HIV vaccine is safe, it was confirmed at the first stage of the test. Actually the name, this drug is called "DNA 4." The drug contains four specific viral genes, I have to say that is enough to cover all areas of the genome. However, scientists are already hard at developing a center of another drug, DNA 5. But it is too early to say what the new vaccine against HIV is, since not even finished the earlier tests of the drug.

How to deal with the virus

To deal much with this disease, you have to put a lot of effort. It is only by strengthening the immune system that you can slow down the destructive effects of the virus. Today there are a variety of modern plants and drugs that have little or no side effects Their main disadvantage is that a person is forced to take these drugs for life. Otherwise, if you stop taking them, the virus will go on the offensive. And yet they are very expensive. How to deal with HIV? First you need to be on antiviral treatment. Second, HIV vaccine, but it is now only in the development phase. Third, giving up all bad habits that include the use of alcohol, drugs, casual intimate contact, etc. D. In fact, all of the above include -. A combination of prevention and it really helps.

Effect of the drug should pay attention to another Russian invention, but first we need to clarify something. Drugs for this disease have been established for a long time. They help, but is not as effective as desired. And that is that the existing drugs are unable to cope with the main characteristic of AIDS - causing it to mutate. However, the new active ingredient was effective even after three viral mutations. The vaccine prevents the AIDS virus from growing in the body. It works in such a way that its concentration on the Values ​​that are even less standard are reduced. The vaccine against AIDS - the result of general work that began 6 years ago, in 2008. And the optimistic forecasts of experts claim that it will be a miracle cure, perhaps the main drug, that will cure the terrible disease. Many pharmaceutical companies are already interested in further developing the drug n.In fact, it is necessary for society.Because since then the HIV epidemic began (i.e. since the beginning of the 80s), this virus has infected almost 60 million people and 25 million of them have already died.

Tests and studies

Miraculous effects of this drug had time to experience for themselves some of the patients. In any case, people who dare to find out what the new vaccine against HIV, spoke enthusiastically about this drug. Probably really effective drugs - no wonder about its Creation employs highly qualified specialists from various companies and research centers. Indeed, this revolution in medicine as a means based on nanotechnology. Leo Rasnetsov, an inventor of this instrument, hopes that this vaccine against HIV would be an innovation. This drug was made on the basis of the molecular compounds that are carbon allotropes (which include graphite, diamond and carbine). This drug blocks the affected cells of the body from slowly killing them. With the help of this agent, health can be maintained in the norm. However, it is a Downside, still there, and it was a little higher, said - you, the drug fü r need life.