Can you imagine the future

Can you imagine a cash-free future?

You quickly need milk and bread, hurry to the checkout in the supermarket, and you are guaranteed to find a person in front of you who looks for what feels like minutes in your wallet for euros and cents. You usually don't have any cash with you and pay for everything with your card and NFC. One second - and you're done! This is what the future looks like. What has been common practice in many countries for a long time - at least that the majority of transactions are carried out by card and thus cashless - is also increasing in Austria. Cashless payment has already found its way into many areas, but cash is still possible.

The complete abolition of cash would exclude many people, as the elderly in particular often still have problems with the digital world. "To be completely dependent on e-money means the loss of a huge amount of privacy and self-determination for the individual", Hans Rauscher is convinced. "Allegedly it is about the fight against terrorism, in truth it is a huge further step towards the surveillance and screening state", said Rauscher in the STANDARD Einserkastl.

Loss of power, control and justice

User "Bartimaeus von Uruk" sees less freedom and more total control:

User "Pyotr Alexeyevich" believes that cashless payments are easier for older people too. Nevertheless, he also advocates the option of anonymous payment:

The abolition of cash would bring more justice, according to user "hurchzua":

For users "warmerGagaomitHaut" the abolition of cash means the people's loss of power:

Can you imagine a world without cash?

Where do you see the advantages and disadvantages of e-money? What does the abolition of cash mean for the economy, banks and citizens? Do you mainly pay in cash or cashless? Discuss in the forum! (Judith Handlbauer, 4.9.2017)