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Grab the coolest bag on campus!

UNICUM surprise bag: Distribution is running again!

Whether online courses or not: The UNICUM surprise bag is still there!

To find out when we will be handing out the bags at your university again and what other specials we are planning for you, it is best to visit us regularly or on our Instagram page @unicum_weltThis guarantees that you are always up to date with the technology of the bag and also find out when and how you can order your bag to be delivered to your home.

Which great products You can look forward to seeing you in the UNICUM surprise bag in the summer semester 2021 below.

The content of the bags in summer semester 2021

* Not included in all bags

effect® XPLODE TROPICAL BLAST with 2,500 mg BCAA! *

With the vegan, sugar-free variety XPLODE TROPICAL BLAST, effect® promises the ultimate BCAA boost. Bombastic, fruity taste combined with the optimal ratio of BCAA amino acids make this drink mutate into your explosive training companion.

Did you look through Netflix and Co? Then try Sooner.

Get Sooner UNI now and stream exclusive films, series and festivals for 3 months for free. After that, your subscription will only cost you EUR 2.99 / month. Sooner - The European streaming alternative. Everything but mainstream.

MILFORD cool & delicious - This is how being active tastes! *

The MILFORD cool & delicious teas are the ideal, calorie and sugar-free refreshment. The active lemon-lime variety with valuable vitamin C, vitamin B3 and zinc has a refreshingly fruity taste of tangy lemon and fruity sweet lime. Try now!

Curtain up, spot on!

HENDERSON AND SONS is THE newcomer on the snack shelf! The "Hot Chili Taste" tortilla chips convince with their slightly hot, spicy note, are gluten- and lactose-free, 100% vegan and free of flavor enhancers! Ideal for the "big break", the next Netflix evening, WG sit-in & Co. More snacks below


With the HIDROFUGAL MEN FRESH & STRONG spray you are well prepared for everyday university life. Even in stressful examination phases, you can rely on the strong deodorant protection and a particularly long feeling of freshness. TRY NOW: Strong deodorant protection from HIDROFUGAL for men! Find out more at:

The new beginners are here! *

With the fruity-fresh varieties from VITA ENERGY, you will of course start this semester full of energy. Try one of the seven different varieties and discover your new favorite taste! All varieties are taurine-free. VITA ENERGY contains caffeine, guarana extract and inositol from natural sources. #vitaenergy #vitaenergy.

Donate blood! Donate plasma!

Blood and plasma are urgently needed after traffic accidents, during operations or to treat serious illnesses. A small spade can make a big difference. You can donate in university clinics, at the blood donation service of the DRK as well as at state-municipal and private blood donation services. Let it go and save lives.



Be curious to see which Jack Daniel’s product in the surprise bag is waiting to be tried by you. Perhaps the first premium premix in the can Gentleman Jack & Cola, the popular festival drink Jack & Berry in to-go format, the fruity-mild Jack Apple or the unmistakably gentle Jack Honey.

Tear me open

Enjoy the variety of Jacobs Sticks wherever you are: at university, at work, on vacation or at home! Jacobs 3in1 is the uncomplicated complete solution for every occasion. Soluble coffee beans, creamer & sugar are all in one stick. Try our new, delicious varieties now! Further information:

Jessa panty liners Active Shape *

Every woman wants to feel safe - whether at the lecture, during sports or at the flat share party. The panty liners and sanitary towels of the Jessa Active Shape series offer reliable protection, a soft feel and freshness all day long. Jessa has been a reliable companion for 25 years and offers products for every situation, according to the motto: "Jessa - enjoy life carefree!"


Somersby is the fruity-fresh cider for everyone who sees life positively. Our five delicious varieties are perfect for sharing with your friends. The best thing to do is to enjoy your favorite word with the sun on your face. We are looking forward to it. With that in mind, cheers!

Knorr Snack Pots *

Knorr Snack Pots with Whole Grain PowerMuch to learn and no time to cook? Knorr offers you the solution. A warm, small meal when things have to be done quickly. The new wholemeal pasta snacks are nutritious, tasty and available in two popular flavors: spinach cheese and tomato bacon. Give yourself a break!

Summer Creams come true! *

The ice-cold temptation for long summer nights: Berentzen Coco Pineapple Cream. Experience the summery composition with the taste of coconut, pineapple and creamy cream. Also discover the other varieties Passionfruit Cream and Raspberry Cream. Now available in stores and in the Berentzen online shop:

Become part of Smoking Creators!

Do you like to draw, design, etc? Smoking, one of the leading brands of cigarette paper, is looking for creative and talented people who are authentic and fresh. We love your originality! For more details, follow our Instagram profile @Smoking paperDE or write to us at [email protected] You can win an exclusive package.

The exotic party shot *

Discover the new, sunny yellow party shot: Puschkin Passionfruit Yuzu gives you that summer feeling! Look forward to the unique taste experience of fruity passionfruit and exotic yuzu! Now available in stores and in the online shop:



REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups are the classic combination of chocolate and peanut butter and the perfect companion for films, sports and parties.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

The new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar with a new, improved taste and a fresh look. The best coke ever? Try it! More information at



Our light, bottom-fermented lager is a typical Bavarian light full of character. It is shiny, light yellow in color and impresses with its wonderfully fine-pored foam. A lively, fresh taste profile opens up to the nose with a clear, malty smell and a hint of fresh hops. It leaves a mild hop bitterness in the finish and has a round and pleasant finish.

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Are you a student and haven't received a surprise bag? Do not be sad! You can easily order your bag at home via our online channels! But be careful: the offer is of course limited. More information is available in the UNICUM surprise bag shop.