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Clinical diagnosis of rheumatic tissue damage

Seventh Austrian Medical Conference in Salzburg pp 165-187 | Cite as

Part of the Österreichische Ärztetagung book series (ÄRZTETAGUNG, volume 7)


It is my job to show the possibilities available to the clinic to detect rheumatic tissue damage. These tissue changes are now extraordinarily diverse and varied. The multitude of symptoms that are classified as rheumatic diseases correspond to a multitude of tissue changes. From this arise the first difficulties in dealing with this topic exhaustively in a reasonable amount of time. Others are based on the fact that opinions about what is to be regarded as rheumatic still differ today. Despite numerous efforts to narrow down the term rheumatism, the new classifications are also based on the symptom of pulling pain. It is of course not possible here today to go into all the tissue changes that may underlie the symptom of pulling pain.

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