What makes the NMD a unique shoe

Adidas NMD - what's behind the hype?

To put sneakerheads, fashion bloggers and urban lifestylers into ecstasy, it currently doesn't take more than three small letters: NMD. Endless queues and empty shelves in the shops, crashing servers and reseller battles online - this cult-suspect sneaker has caused a lot of turmoil since its launch in December 2015 with countless new releases and collaborations. But how did this gigantic hype actually come about? Is the Adidas NMD really the new ultimate in lifestyle? Or just a bland infusion of well-known Adidas classics, which owes its success to a clever marketing strategy? Questions upon questions! We took a closer look at the Adidas NMD phenomenon.

To say it in advance:

The clever release policy of the three-strip group has undoubtedly pushed the success of the NMD vigorously. The strict limitation of the first drops attracts a lot of attention and a first big run on the shoe. In the months that followed, Adidas launched countless new colourways and silhouettes. However, there can be no question of oversaturation, because all styles are completely sold out within a very short time. Even an industry giant like Adidas is unlikely to be able to trigger an ongoing hype of this magnitude about an average shoe - so there must be more to it than just a clever marketing move by the Herzogenaurach-based company. But what exactly does the Adidas NMD have that comparable sneakers don't have?

[typography family = ‘—- Predefined Fonts —-’ size = ‘26 ’format =‘ px ’color =”] The clever release policy of the three-strip group has undoubtedly pushed the success of the NMD vigorously. [/ typography]

After the pioneering Flux and Ultra Boost models, Adidas is launching the NMD, the first technological runner that was not designed as a performance sports shoe, but as a pure lifestyle sneaker for the street. To this end, chief designer Nic Galway has rummaged deeply in the venerable archives and was inspired by three pioneering Adidas runners: the Micro Pacer, which came onto the market in 1984 as the first running shoe with integrated wearables, and the rising star from the following year typical interchangeable damping elements borrowed and the Boston Super from 1986, which already bridged the gap between performance and lifestyle. Admittedly, that doesn't sound too spectacular at first, but anyone who labels the NMD as an ordinary retro runner is doing him more than an injustice. The great achievement of the NMD is that it combines the classic Adidas Originals DNA with the technological innovations Boost and Primeknit to create a coherent overall concept that corresponds to the collective memory of the brand and yet is completely new and unique. In short, the NMD combines the best of three decades of sneaker culture with the greatest highlights the label currently has to offer - more Adidas in one shoe is definitely not possible.

The technological pioneering work of the traditional Franconian company is only one essential factor for the outstanding success of the NMD. Behind this sneaker, whose name is basically just an abbreviation for nomad, is a well thought-out concept that appeals to the urban nomad in us. The NMD is designed for unlimited exploration of the city and the modern, active lifestyle of its residents. Nomad means being on the move, going your own way and shaping the future yourself. With this claim, the NMD is exactly in tune with the times. This hybrid runner is comfortable, stylish, flexible and simply perfect for spontaneously exploring the urban jungle.
So it's no wonder that the nomad cannot be stopped at the moment and is already being celebrated as a small revolution. In any case, we are looking forward to the next chapter in the NMD success story.

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