How do I deal with painful memories

How to let go of painful memories and the past

I just watched a video in whichit is recommended to let go of the painful memories of the past. In the NOW, the past is nothing more than an illusion and an escape from the now. That's true. And probably most people might agree and then ask themselves -yes, but how do i do that? How can I let go of my painful memories when they keep catching up with me? I don't want to think about the fact that my boyfriend left me, my boss humiliated me, ignored my parents ... I don't want to remember my failures and my crises, but I can't control my thoughts - the memories just catch up with me. I would like to introduce you to strategies that can help you to let go of your painful past.

1. Know the core of your pain. As long as your mind shows you the memories over and over again, there is probably still a treasure hidden in it that you have not yet recovered. What else is there to see? What can you be grateful for when you look at the memory? You can always be grateful. When you mourn a loss, try to be grateful for what you owned or lived before. If you've experienced injury or devaluation, try to be grateful that you got through and survived the situation. If you have been disappointed or betrayed, try to be grateful for realizing the deception.If you manage to recognize that aspect of pain for which you can be grateful, then your perspective changes and the past loses its power over you.

2. Our minds do what they think we want and serve us. Holding up painful memories can serve to protect us from new similar experiences. Our mind serves the role of the “watchdog” and wants to warn us to be careful. “Be careful not to have such a painful experience again - that was bad!” So ​​by showing us our memories, it is very likely that we will recognize similar situations more quickly and avoid them more quickly. We live in a "watch out" state that is supposed to save us from experiencing renewed pain. Of course, it makes little sense to live in this state, because it feels unfree and uncomfortable to be constantly on guard. What can you do?Talk to your mind daily. Explain to him that you will now take control again and make sure that you are okay and that you are protected. Tell him “thank you very much for your help. From today you can relax - I take control and decide when I want to pay attention and when I want to move freely and carefree. I am safe and I have the confidence to deal with situations that come my way. ”If you notice that you cannot say this with full conviction because you do not trust yourself to deal with new, possibly similar situations, then take a look there take a closer look and get support if necessary.

3. Feed your mind new food. Your thoughts are yours. You are not your thoughts, you have thoughts. It is very important to be aware of this. The content of our thoughts can be determined by us. Most people are not used to giving their thoughts a direction and therefore just let them run free. This is basically not a problem, unless you are one of those people who tend to have negative thoughts that do not make you happy, but rather burden them. In this case, it is advisable to take a closer look at your thoughts and learn to develop new, helpful and uplifting thoughts.What we think is ultimately up to us and we don't have to keep existing thought patterns, we can change them. That doesn't happen by itself, but you have to actively decide and deal with it, wanting to learn to think differently. Developing a different perspective on the past is just one way to feed your thoughts with new food. You can just as easily figure out what your next goals are, what visions you have and ask your mind to think about how to get there. Give him a problem to deal with, and see that the problem-solving will serve you and bring joy.Your mind is a wonderful tool that is at YOUR disposal.

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