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Report: Windows 10 Mobile ROM for Xiaomi Mi5, OnePlus 2 & 3

Microsoft is pursuing various strategies to increase the proportion of Windows 10 Mobile devices. According to a report, the group will provide a Windows 10 Mobile ROM for the One Plus 2 and the not yet released Android models Xiaomi Mi 5 and OnePlus 3.

Windows 10 continues to poach Android

There is still little movement to be registered in terms of market share for Windows 10 Mobile. In addition to a Surface Phone expected for this year, the group is apparently relying on another strategy to increase the spread of its current mobile OS. As the Chinese site IT Home (via Nokia Power User) reports, Redmond intends to continue pursuing the path of developing mobile ROMs for smartphone models with the Windows 10 Android operating system.

Xiaomi Mi4 with Windows 10

Accordingly, Microsoft is said to have confirmed to a user on the Chinese platform Weibo that they want to offer an adapted ROM from Windows 10 as an alternative operating system for the previously unavailable Xiaomi Mi5 and OnePlus 3 models. In addition, the owners of the OnePlus 2, which is currently available, should also be able to install Windows 10 Mobile on their device in the future.

As always, the following applies to such reports: Until confirmation by Microsoft, this information should be treated with caution, despite a screenshot of the presumed chat history. However, especially with regard to Xiaomi, the information seems quite plausible. For the previous model, Xiaomi Mi 4, Microsoft had already released a Windows 10 Mobile version in December 2014, which replaces the installed Android operating system.

2 models soon, one already available

At the beginning of the year, we reported on what customers can expect from the Xiaomi Mi5 according to a leak from the manufacturer in terms of design and hardware. On the other hand, there is currently no secure information about the OnePlus 3. The OnePlus 2 model, which is also mentioned, was recently permanently reduced in price. If Microsoft actually publishes a Windows 10 Mobile ROM here soon, it will be interesting to see how many users actually change operating systems.

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