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How to find the right smartphone accessories for sports

Nowadays, smartphones impress with their comprehensive equipment and numerous useful functions. Smartphones also have many useful tools for athletes that give sports enthusiasts helpful training apps etc. and support them during training. The smartphone becomes all the more useful as an all-round device for athletes if - in addition to the software - you can fall back on suitable accessories. At this point we would like to introduce you to useful tools and equipment for your smartphone in order to optimize your athletic workout - broken down into different sports.

Smartphone accessories for joggers

Jogging is one of the most popular sports activities. Running keeps you fit, is the ideal fat burner and generally promotes health. For many, regular jogging is simply part of life and takes up a lot of free time.

Smartphone while jogging - an important companion

Quite a few want to do without their smartphone when running. On the one hand, to be available for work, children or for your own safety in emergencies, or on the other hand, to use useful apps as support: be it a step counter, for listening to music, as a route planner or much more. In order not to take the "bare" phone with you, there are useful accessories to protect the smartphone or to support your sporting activities.

Cases for smartphones

Protective covers or cases are designed to protect your phone. Especially when jogging, it is advisable to provide your smartphone with a high-quality protective cover so as not to endanger the phone in the event of a fall or collision. It is important not to use the cheapest cover, but one that can withstand a fall on hard asphalt. Since smartphones have a bad habit of always falling on the corners, these should also be protected - many inexpensive cases cover the display, but not the other sensitive areas. Not only for joggers, but also in general, cases offer useful protection for sensitive and mostly price-intensive smartphones.

Cases are a dime a dozen. As is so often the case here, it doesn't have to be the most expensive, but it doesn't have to be cheap junk either. Elegant leather cases or folding sleeves are not necessary for sport. The optimal cover for transport while jogging should above all be light and easy to use. An adhesive glass or a protective film is of little use in this case, the case should enclose the entire smartphone. A silicone cover is ideal for this - light, enclosing, flexible. For the iPhone 7 or 8, for example, the Silicon Case transparent Silicon Case transparent Apple iPhone 7/8 is available.

Headsets while jogging

For many joggers, music is just as much a part of exercising as breathing air. Numerous sports enthusiasts cannot do without a headset when running. If you want to listen to music while jogging, you should make sure to use headphones that sit firmly on your ear and cannot easily fall out. There are numerous models, from the price-intensive Rock Mumo Bluetooth stereo headset to the affordable original Sony MH410c white headset. It is advisable to use brackets with which the headphones can be securely attached to the ear, as an example the headset replacement Nokia bracket BH-102, which costs just 0.15 €.

Smartphone accessory for the gym: arm strap

In the gym you can see more and more athletes with their smartphones on their arms. This is ideal for checking fitness apps, e.g. blood pressure and heart rate monitors, pedometers for the treadmill and other fitness tracking. Another important reason for a wristband or arm strap is comfort - it is much more convenient to attach the phone to the arm than to the waistband, for example, where you constantly bump into the device. The way from the arm to the ear is also much shorter, for example to attach headsets and not get tangled up with the cable on the body. A bracelet is essential to attach it, we recommend the Mobilize Sport Arm Strap. This ensures complication-free training with the smartphone.

Smartphone accessories for bicycles

Especially bikers who want to use their smartphone as a training device with the help of fitness or navigation apps cannot avoid the right accessories. If you can still put the phone in your jacket or trouser pocket while jogging and take it out when necessary, this is not so easy when cycling. For this reason, there are practical bicycle mounts that are not only an asset for athletes, but also for people who use the bicycle for daily movement.

Bicycle mounts - why actually?

In addition to the practical reason to opt for bike mounts, there is also a criminal one. The ban on the use of mobile phones does not only apply to car drivers, but also to cyclists and motorcyclists - a bike holder enables you to use your phone without risking a fine. In addition, it is also very practical to be able to make phone calls, listen to music or navigate on the bike, or use the smartphone as a speedometer or fitness tracking tool without taking your hands off the handlebars. Using the phone is child's play with voice control, provided it is fixed in front of you. This takes a bike mount from you.

Bicycle mounts - what should be considered?

If you decide on a bike mount, you should note the following: Your smartphone should be properly attached to the mount so that it is still fixed after a fall The mount should be rotatable The mounting of the mount should be very quick test and check carefully. Better to pay one euro more than to have the phone cracked on the floor.

Typically, bike mounts are attached to the handlebars or stem with an Allen key or rubber bands. An example for Apple devices is e.g. the Haicom bicycle holder for the Apple iPhone 6 Plus or the Haicom bicycle holder Samsung N7100 Galaxy Note 2 for Samsung users.

Smartphone accessories for water sports

Those who enjoy diving and would like to take photos cannot or do not always want to afford an expensive underwater camera. Why should it? New-generation smartphones also take excellent pictures of subjects such as coral reefs. The only thing you need are waterproof cases.

Waterproof smartphone cases

There are also numerous qualitative differences in waterproof cases. Unfortunately, many of these cases are useless, with cheap models cracks quickly appear, where even a little bit of salt water - almost inconspicuous to the eye - can irreversibly damage your phone. Under no circumstances should you save here! As a rule of thumb, anything under € 30 is no good. As with real cases, the same applies here that corners and edges should be protected. Cracks form very quickly at these points, as this is where wear and tear from knocks and drops are most likely to occur. The company Ghostek is excellent for waterproof cases. For the Galaxy S8 we recommend the Ghostek Atomic 3 Waterproof Case Samsung Galaxy S8, for the iPhones 7 and 8 Plus the Ghostek Atomic 3 Waterproof Case Apple iPhone 7 Plus 8 Plus is recommended.

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