Why makes you vehement

September with Kneipp: How you value yourself. 6 ways to achieve inner balance.


Pastor Sebastian Kneipp lived 150 years ago, but the two of us would have got on well, because he was one of the first influencers in the true sense of the word:
He practically helped a great many people to lead a healthy life with his influence.
In order to STAY healthy and not have to get it, Kneipp developed very practical rules of thumb and applications, which he summarized as "5 pillars":
Water, plants, exercise, nutrition and balance.

While the awareness of healthy eating and exercise has already reached most, and the Kneipp pools are also known, balance is something that you cannot really grasp:
Yoga (when should I still accommodate this?)?
Meditate or what does he mean?
Can you also order this online?

Balance (= equilibrium) is everything that is related to your inner life:
you can eat as much whole grains, exercise as often and do knee insults as often as you want - if you are sad, stressed or frustrated, a happy life is further away from you than a Hermès Birkin Limited Edition at Christmas.
And we both know how likely the latter is.

Most of all, I wish that you get your Birkin AND have a happy life - I'm not responsible for the first, but the second starts right away:
Very tangible and practical tips for more inner health.


1. You close your eyes for a moment and realize how wonderful it is that you are always with yourself.

When you're freshly in love, you sometimes lie next to your partner, close your eyes and sigh happily:
"Oh ♥."
Even though he doesn't do anything at all!
But the fact that he IS THERE is the most beautiful thing of all.

And now like this:
the fact that YOU ARE THERE is worth your daily, happiness-filled "Oh ♥."

Always, always, always with you, and that is soooo nice!
This means that YOU YOURSELF can decide at any time whether you want to enjoy a car ride or want to be annoyed because you are stuck in traffic.
You can decide whether a circumstance pulls you down or makes you stronger.
You can choose whether someone hurts you permanently or you forgive them.
You are allowed to do this all by yourself, and no one can forbid you to do so.

Oh ♥.




2. You don't put yourself under pressure or stress yourself.

One of the most uncomfortable experiences of all is when another person pressures you.
You can't see that you lose your zest for life and, above all, your ease and creativity.
Pressure is the most effective happiness killer ever.

Do you realize how many times a day you put yourself under pressure?
"I still have to ...", "I should do more ... and therefore less ...".
"I can't do this or that ... I'm not good enough ... not beautiful enough ... not successful enough ..."

Let's imagine the following situation:
Former US President Obama decides to spend a few days with you.
You wouldn't even come up with THE IDEA to disrespect him.

See how often you are disrespectful to yourself instead:
when you get angry with yourself, unconsciously put yourself under pressure, and move things in your head that destroy yourself.
Would someone say to you directly “You are not beautiful enough. You are apparently too stupid. You look so old Everyone else is smarter, more beautiful, more popular, more successful than you. You are a failure. "
what does he actually allow himself?

And so applies to yourself:
More respect, please!
What do you allow yourself to call yourself that, even if it happens in your mind?

For you as a love ambassador, such things are NO GO.
Putting someone else under pressure is already bad.
Putting yourself under pressure is not an option.

If I catch you not banning such thoughts straight away (again and again, regularly, tirelessly), then something is going on!


3. You don't blame yourself or bring up things from the past that were lousy.

There is hardly a nastier way of self-sabotage than accusing yourself of things from the past and thinking "if only I had then, then I wouldn't today ...".
Had, could, would bring a ZERO further, but it is guaranteed to pull down.
It's like staring at something that can never be changed.
What happened 10 minutes ago is also in the past!
Out of appreciation for yourself:
Don't analyze anything from the past because that's wasted time.

Refuse really vehemently when such offers come.
You can use your time more sensibly, e.g. baking cakes.

By the way:
as soon as you do this consistently for yourself, you will quickly see how disrespectful it is when someone tries to make you feel guilty about things in the past and remorse.


4. You make yourself beautiful.

I don't want to look back regretfully at my life later and have to say with a sigh:
“Oh, if I had just enjoyed my life more. Laughed more, danced more, ate more ice cream, sniffed more roses. "

Note: If you don't make it beautiful, you don't have it beautiful.

So make yourself beautiful!
Make it beautiful for YOU.
MAKE it beautiful for you.

Oh, Joanna. If I finally had a partner, then we would always make it nice. I would cook something good and then we would make ourselves comfortable and light candles and I would make him a great coffee with frothed milk and bring him his favorite sweets from the shop and spoil him and then sometimes we would watch our favorite movie and sometimes doing nothing, just enjoying ourselves. And I wouldn’t always grumble with him and reproach him, but just be happy that he’s here. "

You see, you know exactly what "make yourself beautiful" means!
And that's exactly what you're doing now just for yourself.
You make yourself beautiful.
Just for yourself, because you like yourself so much and you are so happy that you exist.

Incidentally, if President Obama were to stay overnight with you, you would make his bed fresh, and put flowers in the room, and clean everything up meticulously (he should never have to climb mountains of laundry) and put his favorite chocolate on the dessert (which you googled beforehand) , and set the table in a particularly beautiful way for dinner.

Do you see!
You know how to do it!
You should never have to climb over mountains of laundry out of sheer respect for yourself.


5. Like a small child, you are happy about everything that makes you unique (namely, that is your superpower).

The way your personality is put together, the sum of the things that only you enjoy with the combination of the sum of the things that you are good at (spoilers: are mostly the same) is the most fascinating thing about you.
The way you laugh when something is really funny, the way you tell something when it was particularly exciting, the way you think and feel and that you like butterflies and striped patterns and fresh stone-baked bread and holidays in Sweden in particular like.

All of that defines you as a person and that is just amazingly beautiful.



6. You won't let yourself go.

Neglect of yourself often has to do with the inside:
For many, the children come first, they always wear the latest fashion, get the most loving lunch and enjoy many leisure activities.
You always take your time for them and always invest money.
On the other hand, you put your needs aside:
You regularly swallow something for lunch, don't even treat yourself to a silk scarf (from a message of love;). Just kidding;), and a lot just doesn't matter.

Nothing at all about you doesn't matter.
The point is:
In order for others to be fine through you, you must first be fine.
You are the most important thing in your life.
Only then does your partner and your children and your parents and your dog come.

I'm not talking about upgrading yourself with consumption.
Not everyone who is well dressed and lives nicely is respectful of themselves - sometimes consumption is just a kind of compensation / distraction.
I'm talking about treating and giving each other lovingly out of love and appreciation.

Giving presents is my keyword:
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I wish you the most beautiful, most relaxing and happiest bathing season - and inner balance anyway;).
Love greetings