Can a garter snake hurt you

Eddie Lizard

Yesterday my feeder stayed with my little one cold-blooded brother "Clean children's room" campaign started, which Nathan (approx. 35 cm and thick as a pencil) did not find funny at all.

You remember that he was a blue garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis "Florida Blue") is an already nervous and shy animal? When he was caught, he showed his displeasure with one bite. My feed giver was not impressed, stored him temporarily in the small faunabox and cleaned his room. When he reset he behaved better, and as a reward he got his mouse.

By the way, there is also a type of snake that actually has hardly any teeth: the African egg snake (Dasypeltis). They only have 5-7 small teeth per half of the jaw, which are hidden in the gums and cannot damage human skin. The egg snakes feed - right! - only from eggs. The eggs are swallowed and broken open on small thorns on the inside of the spine. The liquid egg is swallowed and the eggshell spat out again. When in danger they act like crazy, rubbing the scales against each other noisily and even chasing elephants away. But how should the elephant know that this max. 110 cm long, thumb-thick worm is more likely to pass as a non-toxic and "toothless Else" ;-).

I like it:

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