What are some household sex toys

Inexpensive, but cool: These things are suitable as sex toys

Honey, come play ... No question about it, hot sex toys are part of a fulfilling love life for many couples.

But vibrators, dildos & Co. are usually not cheap. Plus, before the fun comes shopping in the sex shop ...

If you don't feel like it, you should just take a look around your own household, because there are some things that you can misuse.

Sextoys from the household

Feather duster: The old-fashioned feathered dusting aid provides a sensual tingling sensation on bare skin. Particularly appealing: you can pamper your partner from afar with the wooden stick. Or punish ...

Belt: Speaking of punishing - belts of all kinds are suitable for this. Those who like it particularly hard can pull the leather belt out of their suit trousers. Beginners first of all use the bathrobe belt.

Spoon: The handle in the cutlery drawer reveals a lot of toys. Ice-cooled stainless steel spoons provide pleasant showers on bare skin - and the wooden spoon, if necessary, for sensual slaps.

Hairbrush: The ideal caress is waiting in the bathroom! Whether with nubs or bristles: A sensual massage with a hairbrush creates a fascinating tingling sensation on the skin. And blood circulation is also stimulated.

Cling film: If you want to try out sharp bondage games, but are not equipped with bondage rope and Co., you can use cling film. Similar to the tape, it has no adhesive layer and adheres by itself when tied, gagged, tied and tied. After sex, the foil cuffs are simply cut off with scissors.

Shower head: Water, march! Pampering each other with the shower head is a particularly tingling foreplay variant. The water pressure can be set higher or lower as required.

Oil: Good oil is not only suitable for cooking, it can also be used to bring your partner to a boil quickly. With an erotic massage, for example ...

Ties, scarves, shawls: If you happen to have no handcuffs at home, you can use these restraint aids.

Washing machine: The classic of the household number - doing laundry gets a whole new charm with the right partner. He stands in front of you and together you enjoy the vibrating waves of pleasure. And the neighbors don't notice anything either, because the loud skidding drowns out pleasurable moans.

If you want to spend a bit of money, you can also conveniently order the erotic accessories online. Although such a trip with your partner to the next sex shop can also be fun ...