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With this converter you can easily convert horsepower into kilowatts or vice versa.

Clearly - kilowatts. The unit "horsepower" has not been a legal unit for the physical quantity of power in Germany since 1978. Nevertheless, it has remained in common parlance, especially in vehicles and here in the motorsport scene. Most people know how much horsepower their vehicle has, but the corresponding number of watts or kilowatts is unknown. One reason can be seen in the fact that the watt is usually only associated with electrical power and, even in earlier times, the power of electric motors was only given in watts or kilowatts. Perhaps it is also because the horsepower figure is always the larger number compared to the kilowatt figure.

Another obvious explanation was provided by a visitor to this site: Horsepower is associated with the strength, speed, agility and grace of horses. That is positive. On the other hand, year after year the electricity bill reminds us painfully of the many kilowatt hours of electrical energy that we have used. That is why the kilowatt has a negative value.


The horsepower goes back to James Watt, a Scottish inventor and entrepreneur. He was looking for ways to advertise the performance of the steam engine he had developed. For example, he found that horses in a coal mine were able to lift 330 pounds 100 feet every minute in a ten hour shift. According to today's measurements, that's around 150 kg and 31 m.


The kilowatt, on the other hand, has not had such an exciting history. At the 9th General Conference on Weights and Measures it is stated: “A power of one watt is performed if a work of one newton meter is performed in one second.” That means, for example, lifting a mass of 102 grams one meter in one second . As with kilometers or kilograms, the prefix “kilo” stands for 1000 for kilowatts. The 102 grams to be lifted become 102 kilograms. However, the namesake of the unit is the same James Watt, who also determined the unit "horsepower".

From the above considerations we get a numerical value of 77.5 (150 kg ⋅ 31 m / 60 s) for the horsepower and a numerical value of 102 (102 kg ⋅ 1 m / 1 s) for the kilowatt. This results in a conversion factor of 0.76.

A good approximation for the conversion factor is three quarters. The PS specification always has the larger numerical value.

1 HP = 0.735 498 75 kW and 1 kW = 1.359 621 62 HP are exact.