Where does the power come from

Where does the power to change come from?

Exploit your own potential, develop yourself further and gain new motivation

Stephan Peeck - "Where does the power for change come from?

"Actually wanted, should, I had to." - "From tomorrow I will.", And then everything stays the same again. Many people want to change themselves and their lives. But where do we get the strength to actually do it?
Stephan Peeck presents concrete and realistic methods with which the most important inner sources of strength for personal development can be developed and typical obstacles on this path can be overcome. The experienced therapist describes how it is possible to recognize one's own basic character structure, to use its positive energy and how strong life energy can be drawn from dreams and value imaginations. In the background is Viktor Frankl's work, in which freedom, responsibility, meaning and values ​​play a central role. "Where does the power to change come from?" is a guide to rediscover hidden motivational forces and to recognize and exploit your own potential. Tried and tested aids to appreciate and assert oneself are presented just as vividly as ways to a successful coexistence and a meaningful life. The book is aimed at people who want to work on themselves and develop further, as well as those who support others therapeutically.

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  • Release date: September 2005
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