What are the problems with WhatsApp

Update WhatsApp does not work? That's how it works again

To access the latest functions, you need the latest WhatsApp version. An update is usually carried out automatically. However, sometimes problems arise. We'll tell you what to do if WhatsApp won't update.

Update problems can have various causes. We give you the most common troubleshooting solutions so that the fresh WhatsApp version can be installed on your mobile phone.

WhatsApp update failed? Solutions and Help

  • In many cases, a simple restart will help fix problems.
  • A lack of storage space is often responsible for the fact that WhatsApp cannot be updated. Therefore delete unnecessary data from your mobile phone.
  • Make sure that the internet connection on your smartphone is working properly. Due to the amount of data, you should always perform an update in a WLAN.
  • If there is no WiFi nearby, watch your data volume. You don't need to worry anymore with the tariffs with a lot of data volume from the DEINHANDY shop.

With Android devices, it also often helps to clear the app's cache. Proceed as follows:

  1. Call up the settings of your mobile phone.
  2. Open the overview of the installed Apps.
  3. Find the entry for WhatsApp.
  4. Control the area Storage at.
  5. Click on the option here clear cache and confirm the instruction.

In addition to the WhatsApp cache, you should also delete the data in the Google Play Store this way.

More solutions

Temporarily removing the Google account also helps prevent update problems:

  1. Call up the account management in the device settings.
  2. Choose your Google account out.
  3. Remove the account from the device.
  4. Add your account again in the same way.

If WhatsApp still cannot be updated, first delete the messenger from your mobile phone. Then download the APK version on your mobile phone and install the latest version of the app via this detour. Check whether your mobile phone is still compatible with WhatsApp. Support for older devices is discontinued every now and then so that an update is no longer possible. WhatsApp currently runs on Android devices from version 2.3.7 and from iOS 8.

If your cell phone is too old for WhatsApp, you might find a cheap successor in our online shop.

We'll also show you how to update Android.