Is Dynamo the Impossible Magician?

Dynamo: the most spectacular magician in the world!

He can walk over water, float in the air, make the impossible possible ...

He is called "Dynamo" and became world famous when he - like Jesus once - ran across the water of the Thames in June 2011.

Nobody knows how he did it! You just can't believe your eyes when you watch this gentleman at work.

Who is behind the unknown illusionist "Dynamo"?

His real name is Steve Frayne (29). He grew up with his mother and grandfather as his father is believed to have spent most of his life in prison.

The grandpa taught Frayne his first magic trick when he was eleven and sparked his passion for magic! Steve developed his own technique, combined the magic with hip-hop elements, found his style that makes him so cool! Today he is one of the best known and best magicians in the world.

Dynamo has already impressed world stars like Robbie Williams and turned lottery tickets into money right in front of his eyes. He shocked Demi Moore by eating a rope and then pulling it out of his stomach. And he can count Will Smith, Jay Z, Paul McCartney and David Beckham among his biggest fans.

His DVD, released around Christmas last year, became a bestseller. The broadcaster DMAX shows its weekly TV show "Magician Impossible" (Thursday, 10:15 pm).


Its clips on Youtube made Dynamo famous worldwide, it was clicked millions of times. In 2011 he had 1.5 billion viewers worldwide when he conjured up for the Foo Fighters, Joss Stone and Nelly Furtado at the MTV Awards.

Shows in large halls, as known from the legendary David Copperfield, are not his thing, however. “Dynamo” likes street style, it mixes with passers-by, speaks to people on the street and amazes them.

The DMAX series shows scenes filmed with a mobile phone camera in which the magician, for example, conjures up an iPhone in a beer bottle on the streets of England. Or - as in the video above - conjures up the tan stripes on a different part of the body for vacationers on the beach in Miami.

So "Dynamo" is something like the new David Copperfield - but different and incredibly cool!