Do politicians always speak politically

The language of politicians

The language of politicians

evil tongues (plural only) - Slang for: people who don't mean well with someone

expose someone - here: publicly saying that someone did something bad

to scare someone off - Colloquially for: making someone go away through unfriendly behavior

soft cotton - here: not specifically

Word | sleeve, -n (f.) - a word without (significant) content

cloudy - here: not clear and precise

Phrase, -n (f.) - here: a term that says nothing

Gibberish (noun, singular only) - here: language that is not understandable for many

Egg dance (m.) - Colloquial for: a very cautious behavior

Simultaneous interpreter - someone who hears and translates a foreign language at the same time

bloated - here: in such a way that something is made more important than it is

going uphill, it's going uphill - here: get better

Loquacity, -en (f.) - a lot of talk about unimportant things

a blow to the office - colloquial for: an unpleasant surprise, something that hits someone hard; a big disappointment

juicy - here: very high; very strong

Blah (n., Singular only) - here: speaking without content; empty talk