Will Trump be the next JFK

John F. Kennedy

Karl Dall († 79) shortly before his death: This is how he experienced Berlin in 1963

In a documentary about the "Ku'damm" series, Karl Dall tells how he experienced John F. Kennedy's visit to Berlin in 1963. It's also about the role of women and a kind of sex obligation in the sixties. The third season of the successful series "Ku'damm" starts today ... more

Joe Biden's promise to the world has a catch

Finally he's gone! Washington breathes a sigh of relief now that Donald Trump's presidency is history. On a historic day, Joe Biden promises a lot abroad - but there is a catch. There are two dramatic movements, charged with pathos, in normal times ... more

USA: Those were the biggest mishaps in previous TV duels

Spotlights on: In the TV duel in the USA, the candidates can really score again. But the opponents often made big mistakes - not infrequently they were sometimes decisive for the election. Two US presidential candidates in front of the camera: This time ... more

USA: The last Kennedy loses his office as MP

With Joe Kennedy III. For the first time a member of the US political dynasty suffered an election defeat in their home state of Massachusetts. Soon Kennedy will no longer have a political office. From January onwards, no member of the legendary Kennedy dynasty is expected in the USA ... anymore

Melania Trump unveils new rose garden in the White House

Nothing is left to chance in the US election campaign. Just in time for her speech at the Republican Congress, First Lady Melania Trump presented the newly designed rose garden of the White House. The rose garden of the White House had been in place since the end of July ... more

USA: Melania Trump redesigns the rose garden

The First Lady wants the rose garden of the White House to be redesigned in the style of the 1960s. The garden plays an important role in US politics - Trump is also criticized for its plan. First Lady Melania Trump leaves the rose garden ... more

USA: Corpse of Kennedy's granddaughter Maeve McKean found

A sad certainty for the Kennedy family: The body of former US Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy's granddaughter Maeve has been recovered. Nevertheless, the search by the authorities continues. After days of searching, rescue workers found the granddaughter's corpse ... more

Kennedy's nephew demonstrates with Iranians in Berlin

Shortly before the end of the Iranian ultimatum to Europe, Iranian opposition members take to the streets in Berlin. They receive support from a former US Congressman. The conflict with Iran is coming to a head. On Sunday the mullah regime will ... more

Donald Trump: New design for his "Air Force One"

Just no longer baby blue: US President Trump wants to redesign the presidential machine - and he already knows how. But the project still has to pass a few hurdles. Donald Trump wants to redesign his presidential plane, "Air Force One". "The baby blue ... more

Flight to New York: Many injured by violent turbulence

Shortly before landing in New York, a Boeing 777 got into severe turbulence. Numerous inmates were injured. One flight attendant got it particularly bad. On board a Turkish Airlines flight on the way to New York, in severe turbulence ... more