The obsession with the gym is subsiding. Why

Gym atmosphere: why the right studio is important

When I started exercising, I started in my room.

Pushups, crunches, squats, and exercises with stretch bands were all I did.

After 10 years of training in the gym, I didn't think I'd ever consider going back.

But let me start a little earlier.

The studios back then were a little different than they are today.

Long before there was fitness youtube and muscle building training became mainstream.

Less wellness, less Instagram and above all:


My first gym was a small, private studio in a remote industrial area.

It was perfect.

There were two of us and sometimes three of us.

Every training session became an epic event.

In the car we already heard the right music and prepared ourselves mentally for the training.

We usually trained right after work at 10:00 p.m.

The studio was always almost completely empty and we could also ask for our own music at the bar, which cheered us on during training.

Everyone knew everyone.

The atmosphere was indescribable.

Focused and intense.

All the guys in this studio trained hard and obsessed.

If after many sentences I thought it was enough and then looked around the other corner of the studio, I would see someone who gave it another go and trained harder that night than everyone else, which always made me want to do another Make sentence more.

Somebody always took the intensity to the next level.

The driving music, the clinking of the weight plates and the constant noise of a treadmill (one guy was always there in the evening doing cardio) mixed with the humidity that sometimes poured out of the sauna door and the testosterone of the sweating exercisers to an anabolic trance.

You were in the ZONE.

Time stood still during training and went around so fast that you couldn't believe it.

You just looked forward to the training and the atmosphere every time.

I didn't know the difference between a good gym and a bad gym.

This studio was all I knew for years.

Today everything is different.

Today there are countless chains that are open 24 hours and offer you equipment and machinery that makes every pumper's heart beat faster.

That sounds good.

Sure, it has to be better than a small, simple, secluded studio, right?

Not so fast.

Not everything that glitters is gold.

Not only have the studios changed these days, but so have the people who train.

The worst: Studios today are not only interested in having as many members as possible (admission stop seems to be a foreign word now), but there are no longer any rules that could cost someone back membership.

Everyone is encouraged to contract and "train".

Do you know that?

You go to the studio and you no longer know whether you want to train or not better to flee immediately.

Worst scenario?

You come with yours Training partner in and you don't look bad when you find that the studio is more like a shopping area on a Sunday shopping.

All devices are occupied and there are endless lines in front of them.

Yes, people are already waiting behind the treadmills.

You look at each other in disbelief and both have the same look:

When you come in and everything is occupied. "

You turn around immediately and go home.

You just experience everything and if you think it can't get any worse, then the next workout will teach you better.

People eating tuna in the locker room.

People typing on their smartphones during pauses in sentences or even during sentences.

People doing bicep curls in the squat rack.

60kg guys who do lat pulldowns with 15kg while filming and taking photos and capturing you on youtube and instagram.

People who occupy machines and equipment, but paddle around on their cell phones for 20 minutes without exercising.

And in the middle of it all, girls who turn their workouts into a selfie session.

All of this combined with the endless mainstream tooting that would annoy even cannabis users at some point.

This creates a training atmosphere instead of a good training atmosphere nerve-wracking and catabolic stressful environment, in which it is hardly possible to have sensible workouts.

Is there any solution to this problem?

There are four!

1. You change the studio.

2. You build yourself a home gym.

3. You wear a baseball cap in the gym and always have Your headphones at the start.

4. You train early in the morning when nobody is around.