Is it wrong to enjoy solitude?

Ways out of loneliness

Ways out of loneliness

Alone is difficult: you feel lonely, excluded, unloved and you move into the familiar snail shell. The fear of not making new love or friends can make you depressed. We'll tell you how to overcome loneliness.

Carry the purchases up to the fourth floor, explain to the technician that you don't speak technical jargon, set up the Ikea shelf - all alone, alone, alone. And then there's that empty feeling of falling asleep and waking up that tears you apart inside. We are actually social beings, that's why loneliness is so stressful for us! And if we are actually alone - without a partner - we can feel the loneliness painfully in many different situations in life. Those who are lonely usually also feel unloved, left alone, not understood, lost and cut off from life. Depression, howling attacks at night and isolation are the result.

What is the cause of loneliness? Many people mistake loneliness for being single. But this assumption is wrong! We don't necessarily have to feel lonely because we're single and don't have a partner. Loneliness, being alone - a horror idea for most women and men. For many people, the fear of being lonely and alone comes next to the fear of illness and the fear of losing a job.

If you are alone and feel lonely, you tell yourself that nowhere else is it as cozy as in your own snail shell. Our tip: accept being alone and learn to use loneliness for yourself. Love and partnership are not everything. You can do something about your loneliness. We'll show you how to get out of your snail shell, meet new people, escape depression, overcome loneliness and enjoy being alone.

5 tips against loneliness

How to overcome the feeling of loneliness? Feelings of loneliness are an alarm signal from our psyche that something has changed in your life and that your social and emotional needs are no longer being met. Therefore: Use loneliness as an opportunity to love yourself more, to enjoy being alone more and to approach other people more. These five tips will help you!

1. Treat yourself lovingly - like a good friend

For me as a single, it's not worth cooking something nice. And when I take a walk, I can't have fun alone. I'd rather stay at home! If such statements sound too familiar to you, treat yourself disparagingly. You should try to get rid of this behavior as quickly as possible. It doesn't suit you. Be worth doing to yourself. For example, go shopping at the market, cook something delicious and set the table for dinner. A glass of wine with it - and nothing stands in the way of the perfect evening to enjoy your own company. You will see: in time you will like to enjoy things alone and for yourself. That feeling is priceless.

2. Get in touch with other people

Yes, we all know only too well: you get used to crouching alone in the snail shell. But it is important to get in touch with other people and leave the snail shell - step by step. You don't have to go to the next best party and talk to some guy at the bar. Start with the neighbor, the hairdresser or the seller in the supermarket. Talk about everyday things: the weather, a newspaper article or the TV program. Very important: do not expect high intellectual conversations from yourself. Otherwise you won't even get in touch with others.

Be interested in the person you are talking to and tell something about yourself. Especially if the conversation drags on or you meet people repeatedly. This gives you the impression of belonging and makes you feel less socially isolated.

3. Show the zeitgeist

Don't close your eyes to something new! Be it a new cell phone, a new restaurant, new music or a new lipstick color. Do you feel too old? Stop looking for excuses. Be open to everything new around you. Discover new cultural events and use them to meet new people. If you ignore the offers, you isolate yourself.

4. Give meaning to your life

What have you always wanted to do? Now is the time to dare. Find a job such as volunteering. This will make you feel needed and you will be in contact with people with whom you share a passion. This is how you help yourself and, at the same time, other people. Do you love animals? How about an animal shelter? You could just go there and offer to go for a walk with a cute four-legged friend on a regular basis.

What are your interests? Make a list and see where you can meet people with similar hobbies. Take a cooking class, start practicing yoga, or finally learn Italian! Find something that you can use your time to make good use of and that you enjoy. You may also find new friends or a new partner in this way. Who knows!

5. Doesn't it have advantages to be alone?

Think about it: Isn't there any benefit in being alone? Make a list of all the things you couldn't do with a partner. Here are some inspirations: Alone you don't have to be considerate of your partner, you can do what you want yourself. You can leave everything where it is when you don't feel like doing the dishes anymore. And even if you feel like sweatpants and a cozy sweater, you can just walk around. You don't have to go around other people's needs. You can organize your time the way you want. You can think of other advantages, we are sure!