Who is watching Netflix

Netflix: Manage devices and delete third-party users - This is how it works in the app

With a Netflix account, several users can access the stream at the same time. After separating or moving out of a shared apartment, however, you might want to prevent others from accessing your own Netflix profile. We'll show you how to manage devices and remove viewers in the Netflix app.

Every login of the Netflix account can be checked in your own account. This way you can quickly find out whether someone else is bingwatching series and films with your profile without your knowledge.

Netflix: Manage and delete devices

Unlike other providers, the number of devices on which a Netflix account can be registered is unlimited. However, if you log in to friends, on your tablet, smart TV and other devices, it is easy to lose track of where your account is being used. The number of parallel streams, on the other hand, depends on the subscription you have booked:

  • Basic subscription: 1 user
  • Standard subscription: 2 streams in parallel on different devices
  • Premium subscription: Up to 4 streams in parallel on different devices

At the latest, when you want to start your relaxed movie night and Netflix shows that the maximum number of available devices is already exhausted, you will find out that your account is already in use.

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This is how you can see who is watching Netflix

In the settings you can find out who is using your Netflix and on which devices it is streamed. You can also remotely log your account here from registered devices. How to find the option:

  1. Log into the Netflix app.
  2. Open the menu using the three bars.
  3. Go to the account area.
  4. In this section you can see the information about the Recent streaming activity.
  5. There you will see all devices on which your Netflix account is logged in.
  6. In the settings menu, you can use the corresponding option to log out of all devices that you do not need or that do not belong to you.

Note that it can take several hours for your account to be logged out on all devices. The deregistration affects all profiles connected to your account.

In addition, in the download overview you will find all devices on which Netflix content has been downloaded with your account:

  1. Open the account overview and control the settings.
  2. You can find the option here Manage download devices.

If you don't know who might be behind the respective devices, you should change your Netflix password. Your password may have fallen into the wrong hands. Once the password has been changed, unauthorized users can no longer stream via your Netflix account.