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Ingress is getting a restart in 2018 - and an anime

The smartphone game studio Niantic began in 2010 as an internal Google startup. The company has only been independent since October 2015. Was accordingly Ingress started five years ago as an experiment for Android devices. The concept of filling the real infrastructure and geography of our cities with game elements was revolutionary. A success like Pokémon Go was not granted to the augmented reality forefather - although it served as a construction break and data basis for the mini monster hunt. Instead of currently around 5 million active players as in Pokémon Go gathered Ingress only 300,000 to 500,000, but they form a fairly active community. The reason? Ingress is cerebral, complex and has never really become accessible. Therefore, the game should be included in the coming year Ingress Prime experience a restart.

In fact, players are fiddling with Ingress not just with the equivalents to Pokéstops, arenas and Pokéballs. They also stretch energy bands between portals, have to open control panels, collect weapons, resonators, modifiers, keys, guns, shields and power cubes. In the background there is also a story about two antagonistic secret societies and an apparently extraterrestrial power that floods the earth with exotic matter. The tangled web should go with you Ingress Prime be replaced by a new story that retains the core elements but excites everything in a much more straightforward and understandable way. "It's not the same anymore," says Niantic boss John Hanke. “But it's still familiar.” The creators want to work on superhero stories like Doctor Strange or Ant-Man orientate.

The reboot should be accompanied by Ingress of your own Anime-Series. Niantic doesn't want to reveal much about that yet. However, it should shape the fictional cyber-magic world with original characters and its own stories, attract new players and bring them closer to the factions and mechanics of the game, the various virtual devices and their uses. But above all it should explain what it is about Ingress actually works. Even if a lot is being simplified and made more accessible, it should Ingress but remain more demanding, more complex and more mature than the more pleasing Pokémon Go or upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.