What do you want for Christmas 2025

Do you want to die poor?

Union and SPD want to introduce a “double stop line” in the pension. According to the small change hero Marian, a real sham package. He asks himself: Do we want to die poor?

“Yea!”, Only the old people shouted when it became public in the coalition negotiations that the Union and the SPD are aiming for a tax-financed pension and a so-called one "Double stop line" for the pension want to introduce. The point is that the pension contribution should not rise above 20% by 2025 - employees (9.3%) and employers (9.3%) currently pay a total of 18.6% - and the pension level - i.e. the share of the average wage, which is paid out as a pension - which is currently 48% and is expected to last until 2025. That's not all that bad, but one problem remains:

This is a sham

According to the 2016 Pension Insurance Report, the contribution rate will only increase to 20.2 percent in 2025 and the pension level will be 47 percent. So the new Groko is just deciding to take minimum measures. It would be as if Black-Red agreed to hold Christmas towards the end of December until 2025. This is happening anyway. And it all depends on our wages. Sure, it has always been possible, but the young people are simply not relieved. The current retirees are doing pretty well as a result. But what is left for us? So far none of this. Should it always go on like this?

The exploratory papers read: “To this end, we will change the pension formula in 2018 and, in parallel, a pension commission "Reliable intergenerational contract" set up, which will deal with the challenges of sustainable securing and further development of the statutory pension insurance and the two other pension pillars from 2025 onwards. "

Well then. Hopefully the situation will improve for younger people too. So that you are not poor in old age, we have good savings and investment tips for you every week.

You can find the exploratory paper here. On page 12 you will find the paragraph on the subject of pensions