Is YouTube for anyone on Chrome

Watch YouTube and Netflix together

Netflix and YouTube offer a limitless variety of videos. For one or the other, watching their favorite series together is a bit more difficult. Long-distance relationships can be exhausting - especially no more Netflix evenings together!

For Chrome users there is an extension called "Netflix party". With this expansion you can enjoy a synchronous film or series on Netflix, even if you are several thousand kilometers apart!

How does this work? Very easily. You choose a film, click on the "NP" icon in the URL bar. You can use the "Host" option to set whether other viewers can pause the film. You just have to distribute the session ID and the beloved can join in the same way and is automatically synchronized.

The extension is available for free in the Chrome Web Store.

Alternatively, there is also the extension Showgoers, which can also be found in the Chrome Web Store.

Is that also available for YouTube?

Not everyone wants to watch Netflix videos. There is also a possibility for YouTube to watch clips together and synchronously.

The principle is the same as with Netflix Party or Showgoers. Someone has to create a space to look together. A room name and a password are required. Videos can be searched for and viewed directly via the web interface.

Of course, improvements can almost always be made. For example, the length of the videos is displayed incorrectly. Or the search results are limited to five. If you search for videos inaccurately, you may not always find the right clips.

On the right side there is again a chat and on the left side the reserved videos can be found. And of course everyone can search for videos and mark them as bookmarked.

ShareTube can be found here.