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10 Best Mobile Affiliate Networks in 2019

Mobile affiliate networks help app developers quickly promote and grow their mobile app or game downloads.

While running a CPA advertising campaign (as an advertiser), you need to focus on getting a good ROI. Otherwise your efforts will end in smoke. You need more than just results, you need a comprehensive dashboard that gives you actionable insights to guide future decisions.

CPI Mobile Affiliate Networks:

1. OGAds

OGAds is No. 1 Content locking affiliate network. They offer very high payouts for publishers. The affiliate program focuses exclusively on mobile marketing. And it has a great affiliate support system.

They have really high paying offers to start working with. When you have successfully completed a campaign, you will become the living space for making good money.

The best thing about OGAds is the generally accepted traffic flows. Campaigns on their platform accept a wide variety of traffic types. So if your mostly social traffic, start monetizing with OGAds.

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2. Clickbooth

ClickBooth stands asbest CPA affiliate network in this roundup of the industry leaders in CPA marketing. This network has been in business for over 15 years. That's why it has experience and a narrow view of the business.

  • Clickbooth has been in the news a lot because it's the # 1 CPA network
  • Performance is the only thing that takes precedence over everything else
  • Dedicated support is what I love about their network
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3. Matomy

Matomy offers 3 important tools for partners with different levels of experience. Matomie is very well known mobile affiliate network in the industry. I've seen newbies sign up for the affiliate account and get approved without much of a problem.

I would say Matomy is a noob-friendly network. If you are looking for easy affiliate account approval, Matomy is the network to try your luck with.

Apply and speak to an affiliate manager.

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4. Maxbounty

One of the most popular and well-respected affiliate marketing networks with direct advertisers and premium publishers getting the best ROI is MaxBounty. In addition, it is not easy to be approved as a publisher in the MAxBounty network.

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, I recommend joining MaxBounty. Test campaigns are easy to convert. All you have to do is make sure that traffic is only routed through the accepted streams.

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5. TradeTracker

Tradetracker specializes in CPI campaigns. The slogan is: Performance Marketing. The mobile app enables advertisers to closely monitor their profits.

Getting the most out of your penny when it comes to media buying isn't easy. TradeTracker makes it easier. You can easily do it with Trade Tracker.

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6. Avazu Mobile

Avazu Mobile is a division of Avazu Inc. This area has an impressively large reach. Over 100 ad networks work with them to grow the business.

It is a technology-based platform that will allow you to get the maximum display performance. Avazu exchange is the largest CPI marketing platform with global reach. They attend many international partner events and also talk about native advertisements.

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7. Allow network

Admadad's network has extensive global reach and offers risk-free models.

With their in-house tracking system, Admitad is the best bet to invest your time and traffic. You can join the Admitad network at any time as the payment threshold is only $ 10. Such a low threshold is an amazing fact for any partner.

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8. YeahMobi

Yeahmobi currently runs over 3000 campaigns for app developers. Its powerful performance marketing tools make it an extremely attractive option.

In addition, Yeahmobi is one of the fastest growingCPI Mobile Affiliate Networks also. They don't accept new partners unless they have heavy traffic. You must have a formidable background in affiliate marketing to support yourself. Yeahmobi, a Chinese affiliate network, focuses on mobile marketing and is a leader in leading the global affiliate industry.

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9. AdMobix

AdMobix has been ranked as one of the world's top 15 affiliate networks by mTHINK's Online Advertising Blue Book. Developers using AdMobix's services find it easy to attract high-paying new users through attractive, performance-based campaigns.

The team behind AdMobix works hard to offer partners branded campaigns for mobile partners. The affiliate support is really top notch.

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Wrapping up

The number of affiliate networks in the current internet market scenario is increasing rapidly. And it's getting harder and harder to find the best network that pays the highest amount for CPA campaigns. In addition to this, the type of traffic also affects the amount of money you earn on any of the affiliate networks.

As an advertiser, you would search

  • better conversion
  • good quality of installation
  • Non-incentive traffic

Most of the networks I've included in the list above will give you good quality traffic. Such traffic can actually serve your marketing goals.

If you're a publisher or affiliate, look for a good payout. Not only a good payout, but also a better EPC, a good conversion rate and the availability of modern affiliate tools. Most of all, you want to stay away from scams and scams. That's why I covered the list of the best CPI cellular networks (cost-per-install).

Some networks are strictly mobile advertising networks, while others promote campaigns for traffic only with no incentives. Non-incentive traffic from the HQ countries receives the highest portion of the advertising spend.