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Translation of "And what do you think" in Spanish

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And what do you think, will the guy do if the kid in our care dies?
¿Y qué piensas que va a hacer este tipo cuando el niño muera bajo nuestro cuidado?
And what do you thinkwho would have such a value for them?
And what do you thinkwho controls the money?
And what do you thinkwho is waiting for him at home?
And what do you thinkWill she do if she finds out from someone else?
And what do you thinkIf I tell her I have lost the only vampire who can link her to the vampire blood trade, will the Queen do?
¿Y qué piensas que hará la reina si le digo que perdí al único vampiro que puede relacionarla con el trafico de sangre de vampiro y que no tengo idea de dónde está?
And what do you think about that pervert George King?
And what do you thinkwill i do later?
And what do you thinkwhy the shoemaker in Douvan told us the time?
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