Are cougars extinct

The "Net Women", the Eastern North American Puma, and Alleged Extinction

Exclusively for - October 16, 2018. Author: Philipp J. Kroiß

The "Netzfrauen" report as news about an extinction of pumas, which does not exist - the animals became extinct more than 70 years ago.

The "Net Women", the Eastern North American Puma, and Alleged Extinction

When a species goes extinct, it's an emotional issue that affects a lot of people. It is often shared, evokes a lot of reactions and also makes for a few comments - in short: from an economic point of view, very good content for social media. This is true to the motto: bad news are good news. This is probably what the “Netzfrauen” site thought and simply thought up an extinction event:

This is total nonsense.

The Eastern North American Puma

One can now somehow try to credit the reporting that the term is used every now and then in German and that the North American cougar and the Easter cougar have the same Latin namePuma concolor couguar share, but one certainly expects that journalistic care will be exercised in some way on such a topic. In the reporting, it looks like a puma is currently extinct and that's just not true.

To avoid confusion, I would like to deal with the translations of the terms used in the USA. Earlier this year, a proposal was made to remove the Eastern Puma from the list of endangered species. Why?

“The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is removing the extinct eastern cougar subspecies (Felis concolor couguar) from the Federal List of Threatened and Endangered Wildlife, correcting a lingering anomaly that listed the species despite it likely having gone extinct many decades before the Endangered Species Act (ESA) was even enacted. Data from researchers, 21 states and Canadian provinces across the subspecies ’former eastern North American range indicate the eastern cougar likely disappeared forever at least 70 years ago."

“The US Fish and Wildlife Service is removing the extinct eastern cougar subspecies (Felis concolor couguar) from the Federal List of Threatened and Endangered Wildlife and correcting a persistent anomaly that listed the species despite being likely decades before the Endangered Species Act (ESA) went into effect, was extinct: Data from researchers in 21 states and Canadian provinces on the earlier North American distribution of the subspecies suggests that the Eastern Puma probably disappeared forever at least 70 years ago. "

In February this subspecies was deleted because it has not existed for more than 70 years. So the world is not mourning, but rather a mistake has been corrected that after years of research turned out to be such. Such imaginary extinction events are journalistically highly dubious. By the way, the North American is listed as LC and is therefore not threatened with extinction.

Who are these “net women”?

“The phenomenon of net women - why“ hate women ”might be the more appropriate name”, was the headline of the world in 2016. This title gives a good impression of the seriousness of this site. The problem: These long-published findings are not very well known and people fall for the Internet women again and again. The conclusion of the world article is really worth reading:

“The net women are just clickbait of the worst kind. Using claims that are not covered by research and simply copied wildly from the net, horror scenarios are painted on the wall. Foreign-language texts with dubious content are often translated without citing the source. Differentiation does not take place, the world is clearly divided into good and bad. Anyone who doubts this classification or provides evidence for the sometimes outrageous allegations will be insulted or blocked straight away.

The net women do not help to make the world a better place. They divide, they disinform and contribute to the poisoning of the climate and hardening of fronts. The net women have managed the dubious feat of being a lying press and hate commentator rolled into one. "

One can only warn against such clickbait sites, because this is exactly how this site generates its income, and that is also done from a great many sides. If you want to get an impression of the questionable work of the network women, you just have to deal with the #puschelgate that made some headlines. Here is an introductory article:

Netzfrauen versus Tchibo: Real fur or really no fur?

Who actually helps the cougars?

Modern zoos and aquariums, such as Wilhelma in Germany, for example, help pumas and ensure that they have a future. Internationally, for example, the fate of the United Nations, a Florida panther, touched many people. Unable to survive in the wild, it became an important ambassador for its endangered North American puma population and found a new home at the Naples Zoo. The zoo has not only been intensively involved in protecting animals since then. Here you can find a video that gives a good first impression of the complex situation in Florida:

Thought-out extinction events do not help these animals, but the work of experts, among other things, in modern zoological institutions, but of course also in the animal's habitat, as well as in communication with the local population.