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Higher service: everything about civil servant careers

Table of Contents

  1. definition
  2. technical and non-technical service
  3. requirements
  4. Preparatory service
  5. Education
  6. salary
  7. jobs
  8. Higher vs. higher service
  9. overview
  10. Self test

Definition: superior service

The upscale service is one Career group in the German civil service. It forms the higher level for the middle service and the lower level for the higher service. A distinction is made between technical and non-technical service groups.

Upscale technical and non-technical service

The upscale service is in two subgroups divided. On the one hand there is the high-level technical service and the high-level non-technical service. We explain the differences to you.

Superior technical service

In the higher technical service, as the name suggests, civil servants are assigned to one technical profession pursue. They monitor, check and develop technical processes and are also responsible for the Maintenance and commissioning of machines and technical equipment. Areas of application can be found, for example, in the Fire brigade, the Office for Environmental Protection, the Federal Armed Forces, the Waterways and Shipping Administration or the Weights and Measures Office. As a civil servant in the technical service, for example, you check the functionality of the firefighters' equipment, collect air samples to check the emission values ​​in cities, or design new hydraulic structures. Officials in the technical service are often Engineers or graduates of engineering studies.

Upscale non-technical service

The upper non-technical service mainly includes professions Administrative and administrative tasks for authorities and all other professions that have nothing to do with technology. The tasks of an official in the non-technical service are diverse. In the higher service, however, you mainly take over Management and coordination tasks. Personnel management therefore plays a large part in your day-to-day work. You can choose from a wide variety of authorities. For example, you can use as Financial economistwork for the tax office, civil servant of the Bundeswehr or the building authority. The upscale non-technical service also includes civil servants, Police commissioners and customs officers.


Before you are called to the higher service, certain must requirementsfulfillin order to be able to become a civil servant at all. To do this, you have to German citizenship or those of another EU member state who want to stand up for the German Basic Law, physical and mental health can show and in the past five years no prison sentence have served.

In order to apply for the senior service and complete the preparatory service, you need at least the advanced technical college entrance qualification. But in most cases there is one general university entrance qualification is an advantage. Some areas also require a university degree, such as a teaching degree. However, the requirements for a civil service career can differ from employer to employer. Your The employer is the authority you work for, i.e. either the federal government, the state or the municipality.

Preparatory service for the higher service

The training for a civil service career is called Preparatory service or legal clerkship designated. In the senior service, the preparatory service usually lasts three years and is called dual study held at a university of applied sciences for public administration, a police school or the like. In addition, you are already working in the authority in which you will work after your training. Your Studies last about 18 to 21 months and concludes with an academic degree, such as a bachelor's or diploma. In the preparatory service, as in any other training, you already earn money. Your payment is based on the salary of the later entry office. The salaries of prospective civil servants will be Candidate Pay called. They also vary from state to state.


The preparatory service for the higher non-technical service is usually completed in a dual course of study. You will study at one for up to 21 months Federal university of applied sciences or a university of applied sciences for public administration. You can choose a Variety of courses decisions such as tax and law, administrative management or public administration, but also courses for the Federal Intelligence Service or the Federal Police are possible. For the higher technical service there are also courses such as civil engineering, computer science or technical computer science and communication technology at the federal universities of applied sciences and for public administration.

However, if you do Become a teacher want and one Civil servants strive for, the scheme is slightly different. Your teacher training course does not take place in two ways, but you first complete the university part, which you complete with the first state examination before you take a two-year preparatory service taking the second state examination. You can also study to become a teacher at many universities in Germany and do not have to enroll at a university of applied sciences for public administration or a federal technical college. Even if you are Lateral entry teacherwant to be, you can be sorted into the higher service.

Grade and salary

As a civil servant in the higher service it will Civil servant salary referred to as salary. It's set by law in federal or state salary laws, and you get it at the beginning of each month. Your salary is based on the Gradeyou will be sorted into, the federal stateyou work in and yours work experience. Your grade depends on the office you hold. Civil servants in the higher service are assigned to the Grades A9 to A13 assigned. In a few federal states there are regulations that some upper-level occupations are also classified in salary group A14. The grades are in each case Experience levels divided in order to reflect the professional experience also in the salary. The higher the experience level, the higher the salary.

Since civil servants are subordinate to their employer and the employer regulates the payment of his employees himself, there may be differences between the federal government, federal states and municipalities. In the following table we have given you an example of the Salaries of the higher service in Lower Saxony summarized:

GradeGross salary per month

Professions in the higher service

Since civil servant is not a job, but a Professional status is there is one Large number of civil servantsthat fall under civil servant status. These include not only the classic professions, such as police officers or financial administrators, but also professions such as forest officials, surveyors and meteorologists. Some even belong to the highest paid professions. The following table shows you example occupations for the higher service and their salary group.

GradeSample professions
A9Detective inspector, customs inspector, tax inspector
A10Chief Detective Inspector, Chief Forest Inspector, Chief Administrative Inspector
A11Chief Detective Inspector, Forestry Officer, Chief Technical Inspector
A12Forestry councilor, elementary school teacher, building councilor
A13City councilor, senior attorney, high school teacher

Compared to higher and higher service

The upper and higher service differ mainly in that Education of the civil servant. For the higher service is a University degree required and in most cases a master’s degree or diploma is required. Civil servants in the higher service are classified accordingly higher. For them they are Grades A13 to A16, B and W intended. For example, school directors of a grammar school, professors at universities and presidents of federal offices are classified here.

Overview: All information about the upscale service

  • For the high service, at least the University entrance qualification needed.
  • The upscale service is in technical and non-technical service divided.
  • The preparatory service for the higher service lasts between two and three years

Self test. Become a civil servant

Not sure yet whether you want to become a civil servant? With our self-test you can check whether you have the basic requirements fulfill.